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INTRO With One Success Under My Belt, I'm In For Round 2

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Jul 29, 2018
Hey all,

So 11 years ago, I had an idea to create a dating coaching company for men that didn't rely on the often sleazy and manipulative tactics of Pick Up Artists. It was a dream of mine, which I tinkered with from week to week.

Sadly, I spent too much of my time dreaming and coming up with things I wanted - Like a particular car, a particular apartment to live in etc. And not enough time building an actual company.

Until 9 years ago, I met a woman who believed in my idea and suggested we take the plunge, leave our 9-5 day jobs, move into my parents house, and give ourselves 3 months to either succeed quickly or fail miserably.

We worked 12 hour days for those first 3 months, but by the end we were making enough money to move out into our own apartment.

By the end of 9 months we had dominated the market, taking in more clients than any other dating coaching company in the country combined.

After 9 years, i was sick of working myself to the bone, so I took a step back from the company, hired others to fill my shoes, and went travelling for 2 years with my partner.

We had both long wanted to invest in other people's companies, helping them to grow. We both loved the entrepreneurial process and scaling companies up.

So 3 months ago we teamed up with a small group of fantastic experts we met along the way to create a new company - What we do is, our team comes into small to medium sized companies and our sole purpose is to scale that company up to dominate its field.

Kind of like Angel Investors, only we invest our team's time and energy rather than money, and we only take an equity share once we've scaled our client's companies to a formidable size.

It's a really exciting new phase in our lives, and I'm excited to share my experiences here with you all as we go. We've been successful once before, but can we do it again? I believe in our vision and our team, so I'm looking forward to the future very much.

I look forward to getting to know some of my fellow entrepreneurs here :)

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