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Where can I meet NT types: NTJs/NTPs, with fastlane mindset? (Also, say hello if you're one!)

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New Contributor
Jun 27, 2022
Since the past year, I've met many people.
I put effort into making friends.
(I say put effort, as I've an inclination to do my own thing. In other words, be a caveman).
This did improve my social skills. But I am still dissatisfied.

Most of the people don't share the same interests as I do (Meditation, Philosophy, Reading, Nutrition, Polyphasic Sleep, etc).
Worst of all, we don't share similar mindsets (Fastlane).
This leads to a good first few weeks/ months - then I grow bored as I'm aware their life likely hasn't changed by much. They're in a state of comfortable discomfort.
I don't want to blame them, but I find that rubbing off on me.
I quit social media many years back, so I don't interact with anyone other than them.

I think meeting NTs might help. As we share the pragmatic outlook towards life (MJ being an ENTJ is a living proof).
But I never come across them in person.
And I think the bigger issue is not surrounding myself with fast lane minded people
I don't know why I never thought of creating an account here.
I might have wasted time, but here I am!

Q. If you're an NT type- where I can meet people like you? If you don't know about MBTI, this test is a good start..
And of course, say hello! I'd love us to stay in touch!
I'm an INTJ, so I mix well with NTPs. But if you are an NTJ, maybe we can call ourselves on our BS perfectionist tendencies.

OFC, other types can chime in too. This NT question has been lingering in my mind for quite a while- so that's what I chose to ask.
(Apologies if this in the wrong section. I want to know the answer to the question ,more than my self-intro, so I put it in 'Networking' section)
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Bronze Contributor
Speedway Pass
Apr 19, 2019
Sup, fellow NT. Lemme tell you, as an INTP, it is nearly impossible to find somebody in your same wavelength. I can make friends and I have some pretty close friends but in 26 years of meeting tons and tons of people, only a handful of them "got" me.

However, I would say artistic fields are a good place you might find NTs, ironically. The few that I've met that I think are NTs have been musicians and like to read. So maybe book clubs or dudes that are into philosophy or something like that. However, being NT and fastlane aren't mutually exclusive.

And I think the bigger issue is not surrounding myself with fast lane minded people

This could be an issue for sure but, imo, that is rare in itself whether they're NTs or not. Even dudes who want to start businesses or who have started business usually have a myopic, win/lose view of the market. The few times I met dudes that had business and were driven, usually view you as another potential employee to add into their machine rather than wanting to actually network. You're much better off looking for people online and then maybe meeting up in person because it's faster for you to qualify whether they're fastlane-minded or not.

Keep in mind I'm not in the circles of actual winners that have had fastlane success, except only one I met who became a web design client. And this dude was definitely not NT, at least I think. Either way, one should always network. I've had successes just by simply talking to the right person at the right time, even if they weren't "fastlane".

That being said, I will always love talking to a fellow NT. We could definitely chat and see what's up :)


Bronze Contributor
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Aug 10, 2020
Idk it feels like it shouldn't be too hard for you to find someone with NT personality type.

Looking at some statistics: the NT types add up to 10% of the population.. So 1 in 10.

The problem is probably more about the lack of shared interests.

I'm INFJ, and I do feel a little alienated from most people and I don't meet people like me anywhere.. but I also suspect that I probably put too much stock in those labels
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New Contributor
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Apr 12, 2021
Hola I'm an INTP.
And as you've probably guessed yourself, you can't network much with these types because we're not the type to like networking.

Fellow INTP engineer/philosopher-types will much prefer to solve complex problems in isolation I believe than mingle and try to prove their worth to people they don't judge as... shall we say... "interesting".

I personally gave up on the idea of being fully "understood" by people and hanging with truly like-minded people, as it's statistically super unlikely. Always open to anomalies, tho.

I found some interesting people, but as you said, not fastlane enough for me. Too "matrixed".

That being said. I do share your interest, stranger on the internet!
So let's talk!


Gold Contributor
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Jul 20, 2012
Q. If you're an NT type- where I can meet people like you?
You meet NTs online of course! Any forum/community where people min/max things or problem-solve. Selecting for a fastlane-mindset slices a small pie even smaller though. I wouldn't expect the % of fastline-minded NTPs to be very high. NTJs probably fare a bit better.

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