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What would you do with 12k in cash right now if you were 24?


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Jan 30, 2017
Germany, Augsburg
My uncle gave me the opportunity to either take his old car or take the cash. (2010 BMW X1)
I helped him out alot over the last 7 years so this is kinda a present he want`s to make me.

I just wanted to put this question out and look at the stuff you might come up to broaden the spectrum of ideas. Maybe it`s of use for someone else too.

I already run an ecommerce business which is gonna make 400k revenue this year together with a friend. We pay ourselves out a small loan to get by still holding costs down and reinvest everything.

I sold my car this april and invested the cash into the company, but there is enough cashflow now. I´m not that turned of by just taking the car it has about 150k km down so there won`t be too much value loss.

I´m pretty absorbed with growing our business and therefore am a bit clueless what to do with this amount of money.
The only thing I see is buying some more Ether. I currently hold 6.2 Ethereum which i bought for 250 €

Thanks in advance and cheers
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Jul 13, 2016
Go to Vegas and put everything on black!

Seriously. What kind of answer do you expect?

What I would do is probably irrelevant to you.

Entrepreneurs pave their own way. So I would guess in your situation to reinvest it in your business. Or use the car for future business opportunities.

My answer might sound harsh, know that I mean it to let you think by yourself. Which is better than all the answers you'll get here.

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