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Speedway Pass
Nov 30, 2015
Imagine your starting out, trying to figure out what it is you need to do or can (afford) to do to get a business going. - In a field that is SO easy to fail, and REALLY hard to succeed in (UNLESS) you know some tricks of techniques.

I had a mere couple of thousand dollars in my savings bank just 3 years ago, now, my business is processing in the multi millions per year, and ONLY because of this ONE really simply trick, tool and method / mindset I followed.

Firstly. My PASSION in entrepreneurship is creating something out of nothing. I often get so caught up in helping friends get themselves out of their own financial ruck, and on a road to financial freedom. I just love it!

So for the first time I am going to share HOW I built something out of nothing.


I really am not a believer in spending long at all on something, especially when your bootstrapping.

I've watched friends fail, and seen it myself in my personal experience many times.

I also don't believe in jumping from one thing to the other.

But I ABSOLUTELY fear, spending months on something that is hopeless.


Because when your bootstrapping, you really don't have time to waste nor resources to spare.

Rule 1: Move FAST. Don't procrastinate, set yourself a LAUNCH date, and know the entire process from A to Z. Have a formula (or use this formula I am laying out).

Rule 2: UNDERSTAND every element of a project. Be SMART with picking your niche and market, pick something you have knowledge in.

Rule 3: LEARN Photoshop (or Canva now is it?) This simple tool, has saved me so much time, from being able to whip up so many things in branding... BRANDING.

Rule 4: Have GOOD branding tastes, don't brand ordinary. Position your offer with solid copy, a great value offer and SOLID design.

NOW that you know the mindset behind how I got from $0 to Millions a year, or 250K a month. It's time for you to understand the TOOLs and techniques I used to slash through the major obstacles that cause FAILURE.

Marketing. Facebook Ads is NOT cheap anymore. It's not easy. Just recently I spent $12,000 on a product and made $10,000 in sales, however the DATA allowed me to then figure out my audience, now I spend half and make double that in sales~.

One big reason why many fail, is because they think putting a few dollars on Facebook Ads or Paid ads will do the trick, well think again.

Heres who I owe my thanks to. A little tool called Instagress, I was able to send 1,000 website hits a day to my website at $40USD a spend per day on Instagress, at 0.04c a click. Making about 6-8 sales a day (about $300 a day in sales) I scaled this by adding MORE accounts and finding new hashtags to reach out too.

I doubled my sales, by hiring a VA to go in an respond to every comment and message we received amongst the 10 or so active accounts on Instagress, taking our daily sales up to $500+ - we pretty much cheated our way to quality traffic, paying intensely less than we would have on Facebook, having the ability to hyper target thanks to hashtags and locations.

We then took 50% of the sale revenue and started investing into Facebook Ads, and from our data on Instagram, using keywords / countries where we were getting MOST traction. Giving us a boost, followed by creating lookalike audiences and it was scale city from there.

So there you go guys. That's my secret. Finding a way to do some almost FREE Ad testing on your brand before hitting the big guys (Facebook, Instagram) allowing you to raise capital. I call it the "Secret Kickstarter". I've passed this method along to friends, and even tested it on business' that followed up from that of mine, and it works solid. Even my friends who are flipping mobiles, are killing it.

Got any questions? Feel free to ask!

Do NOTE: Instagress (the tool) is no longer open to new customers, it's only working for people who signed up before it closed down, however it is undergoing a rebranding and will probably open again soon. I can't comment on alternative tools but there ARE alternatives out there, many of them that do the job!
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Silver Contributor
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Speedway Pass
Apr 4, 2016
How did you find your product or service?


Speedway Pass
Nov 30, 2015
How did you find your product or service?

This is an important question.

I use my personal life experience and look into real issues / problems I've experienced so far, doing this ALLOWS me to construct a SOLID offer that is of VALUE and therefore enabling me to better write compelling copy that I KNOW will convince the customer, since I can position myself as a potential customer.

For example, don't even bother entering the "make up" industry if you know nothing about cosmetics (my general rule) but if you find you don't have a childhood hobby or hobby to look back to for problems to fix, look to everyday life items in your home. For example, my friend was trying to find an item to sell, when he pulled his iPhone out, I noticed his cracked screen, and that crack screen lead to an idea. (And not screen replacement services). Or, for example, a food you like to eat, thats NOT easy to eat (like a coconut maybe) so then you create a coconut opener OR find one and rebrand it with the marketing style that you'd imagine would SELL to you as someone who is frustrated by how opening coconuts is hard.

People know value when they see it, just finding products because X blog said it's good, is going to lead you to doing something XXXXX people are also setting up to do. ALL of my ideas come from real life.


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Oct 8, 2017
First off, thanks for sharing your submission and advice! I understand the time it takes out of your day to create posts and share information.
However, Im lost at the BS Instagress plug. You plug a service in that no longer exists, and cant offer alternatives? Whats the purpose? Are you the creator or a strong affiliate of this service?
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Platinum Contributor
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Speedway Pass
Aug 29, 2011
Pretty good advice here. I'm a big fan of Canva.

Although I don't agree with this statement:
One big reason why many fail, is because they think putting a few dollars on Facebook Ads or Paid ads will do the trick, well think again.

I think that's true, but the real reason why most people fail with Paid Ads is because they have no clue what they are doing.

Adwords is a complicated beast that I have been learning for 5 years now. Same with FB. Most people will say that FB Ads are are easy but it's really not. I think people tend to underestimate how paid advertising work.

In addition to that, people take untested products to paid ad platforms way too soon. Sure, you can use paid ads to buy data and smoke test products (I do this) but it all goes back to knowing what you're doing in the first place.

Im lost at the BS Instagress plug.

I'm also a little lost at the Instagress plug too. I used that tool for a couple of years. Very good tool. But didn't produce anything for me aside from likes and followers. Never thought to do the VA thing though. That's a pretty good idea.

But I ABSOLUTELY fear, spending months on something that is hopeless.

I have that exact same fear. I think sometimes it hurts more than it helps though.

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