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  1. anthonyseoul

    Starting a handyman business. My journey.

    I started working with my father in construction, then trained as an electrician when I left school so I have a lot of experience in trades. I also like fixing things around the house so am pretty confident at giving most things a go at fixing or maintaining around the home. Since working in...
  2. DeNero

    How I Turned $2k Into $10,000,000 in Less than 1 Year, Lost Most of it 2 Years Later, and my Plan Going Forward to make it all back X10 — MY STORY

    Hey there and thank you for stopping by! (WARNING: This is a LONG read) My name is DeNero, and as my first post on here, I wanted to start off by introducing myself and sharing a bit about who I am and my story. I remember first reading TMF in the summer 2016 (and Unscripted a few years...
  3. jonathan_flane

    A Side-walker about to change to a Fast-laner

    Just recommended the book, I watched a couple of summaries online and now starting the book itself. Because the recommendation came from someone who is actual making real moves in terms of his finance, I am open to the concepts and the positions I will need to take... I am prepared to set it up...
  4. Implacabilis

    How to surround yourself with like-minded people?

    Hey folks. I'm not sure if this topic has been covered on the forum. I certainly couldn't seem to find anything relating to it. I wanted to get 'everyone's' views on your environment, and just how important it is. Mainly, the people we have around us, and the company we keep. I want to hear...
  5. Hartrun

    CHAPTER XIII | Future Millionaire’s Journey As A Former Dishwasher

    CHAPTER XII: SHADOW OF DEATH "What good is the warmth of summer without the cold of winter to give it sweetness?" - John Steinbeck Part I: Progress Stats March's Financial Statement Age: 20y & 5m Gross Income: $7,149 Net Income: $4,844 Assets: $8,020 Cash: $20,949 Expenses: $2,459 Debt...
  6. MarcLV

    New kid on the block

    I recently had my 16th birthday and I saw a post of a 16 year old who did what I aimed to do after I graduate school. I stared and though what the hell, I felt excited that there is no damn reason holding me back, rather than letting that feeling be forgotten I wrote it down in a journal and...
  7. F

    Almost graduated, how to get started?

    Hey FastLaners, I made a post a while ago about getting started. But honestly, I've got no clue where to start. I read the book, and obviously, I've got a job that pays decently, and probably if I apply elsewhere I will find a job that can make me decent money, living expenses are also low...
  8. Hartrun

    CHAPTER IX | Future Millionaire’s Journey As A Former Dishwasher

    CHAPTER IX: SPIRITUAL ROCK BOTTOM "There is no more time to waste. Hours and days evaporate like creeks in the desert." - David Goggins It's been a bit over a year since I created my Financial Planner on Google Sheets, and it seems I've traveled a full circle in terms of my finances. From...
  9. Aidan04

    The Beginning + Progress Post

    Hi, I'm Aidan. I recently turned 18, and started college in September. I don't feel like it's for me, and it's really going against what I'd like to do. Anyway, after re-reading Unscripted several times, I believe it's time for some execution. I have a concept for a product that I believe would...
  10. Palcin

    Palcin's Journey to the Fastlane

    Good day everyone, I'm Palcin and I am 24 years old, a lifetime slowlaner, an ultra positive and a naive type of person. I am from Canada where they use french as a primary language. I have a degree in business admnistration with a concentration in managing human ressources. If I compare to my...
  11. uzumakinaruto

    My Journey from Sidelane to Fastlane - Ongoing

    So, I posted Looking for a way to achieve my dreams and Now, I have decided to work on it. I'll be updating my journey here and will try to document it here. I have around 1 Lakh debt right now and started working on my mental issues. 1) I have started reading "Personality Isn't Permanent by...
  12. UnderdogStrategy

    Underdog - Attempt to earn €10k in 90 days [Journey]

    For a series of reasons I need to earn €10k in 90 days. As every journey that deserves respect, let's start with the story of my life: so, I was born... Just kidding, I spare you that. Strategy Current assets: Upwork profile with one 5-star review and “Rising Talent” badge One real client...
  13. Goldfels

    Feeling the Fear and Doing it Anyway: Beginning Entrepreneurship with Web Design

    I bought @Fox 's Freelancing Course four days ago and I've been trying to take notes and fully get the ideas in the course between school and work. A lot of it has me scared. Scared I will mess up on a sales call and not get the sale. Scared a design for a client will not be good enough. Scared...
  14. B

    Building an Accountancy Practice

    Hey everyone. It has been a while since I initially posted and introduced myself and in those 4 years, I have grown so much from a personal standpoint. This post will be a bit more of an introduction post to catch up to the current day and following that my plan for the year. I plan on...
  15. 100k

    Welp - time for another swing at plate

    Welp, been "failing" for 10 years. Getting tired of this shit. But what can you do. Just gotta keep trying I suppose. Time for another go. I'm going to build an e-commerce site. I won't say what I'm selling. I can say I'll be using a funnel - something my competitors aren't doing. So I'll...
  16. W

    Self-Affording my own college tuition and the Next Step

    Hi everyone - I'm Coco, I'm really glad to be part of this forum - many inspirational stories of exciting business ventures! I actually joined the forum 2 years ago, this was when I started my second year in college. I'm from Taiwan, 22, majoring in Architecture in NYC. Reading Unscripted...
  17. GrayCode

    Re-Introduction. ALOT has changed. My journey over the last 4-5 years.

    Going to keep this short and sweet, I realized I care about being a clear communicator. Which is quite the change if you read some of my babble from previous years on the forum. :hilarious: That being said, I'm here to provide value to anyone I can help as well as participate in the community...
  18. SD Entrepreneur

    SUCCESS STORY: $3.7+ Million in Sales since 2012 (Service Business)

    Hello everyone! New member of the forum, love the community and inspiration it provides and thought it was my time to join and contribute. A QUICK OVERVIEW OF MY JOURNEY (so far) Graduated college (no loans, paid by working hard in a trade before starting and working during school) Got a...
  19. Anandb

    Rejoined the forum after months...began my process

    In the past - god I don't even know how long I've been absent - several months, a lot has changed. I was observing several entrepreneurial journeys on the forum, but for some reason or another, I pretended my own hands were tied. Received a research internship this summer (unpaid) right...
  20. Lex Love

    From Entrepreneurial Virgin to Conquerer

    I want to go ahead and get started chronicling my journey even before I have a set business idea in motion. There is a lot I can do now to move the needle and perhaps it could eventually be helpful for someone seeing how I, who literally just read the books last week, jumps in and takes actions...