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EXECUTION The Journey To Six Figures - No More Excuses


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Sep 26, 2017
I've finally had enough.

Enough of my lame excuses that i've been telling myself for the last couple years.

"That won't work"
'It's been done before"
"I wouldn't buy that"
"Everyone is doing it"

So at the weekend i wrote out my f*ck this list (thanks @UncommonWay ) and it made me realize that no one is coming to save me, it's now or never!

Inspired by @Andy Black , @Kyle T and @Sean Marshall (massive thanks guys) , i'm going to focus on helping businesses and start doing marketing(an agency?) for them.

I know it's been done before, saturated and un-original. But the steps have literally been written out, everything needed to get started.
If i can't even make this work, then i'm no entrepreneur.

Last night my girlfriend and I wrote out a plan of what i need to be earning to quit my job and how much runway i need. I need about £10,000 saved up which is about 6 months (im halfway there) and need to be earning a minimum of £1600 per month.

So those figures will be the goal until i surpass them and then it's the journey to six figures.

I'll update my findings along the way!

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Sep 26, 2017
Update 15/08/19

- Chosen the name, website domain and hosting. I've gone with wordpress as i've used it before and it's perfect for my needs.
I went for a Generate Press theme as it's been touted as a very good theme with little bloating.

- Written the about us page, spent quite a bit of time of this as i know it is one of the most read pages on a website. It was hard to write an 'about us' when you haven't done anything but i tried to focus on what makes us different and how i am planning to work.

-Started on the homepage but still needs finishing.


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Jan 30, 2019
Look on Craiglist.

See how many jobs there are?

Now set up a landing page for ten different companies that made an ad posting for a job. Your goal is to help these companies find their future workers.

For each company, send them your personalized landing page that helps them find workers. Show them how you are helping them find workers, e.g. making posts on FB groups, showing the landing page at networking events, talking to staffing agencies, posting on job ad local sites, etc.

Send all this info in screenshots, snapshots, contact personnel of people who may know someone that might make a good worker for their companies, etc. Do this via email, phone call to get email or a location to meet them in person, etc. Your ultimate goal is to make friends with these business owners who will see that you have skill in making shit happen. Guess who they'll ask for marketing help if you let them know you're a marketer?

Do this before you continue working on the website. A website without people visiting it is worthless no matter how pretty it is, how amazing the copywrite on it is, etc.

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