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Jun 7, 2018
I’ve taken I while to set up this information for you Fastlaners, so you’d better take attention to this.

Now, this content could easily take an hour of our time so, before you keep reading, make sure that you match at least one of these conditions to make sure this content is for you:

  • You have hardships to take action, or you are a procrastinator

  • You don’t want to reach the entrepreneur’s productivity plateau

  • You cannot overcome your own problems, such as bad habits, thoughts, distractions, you name it

  • You want to upgrade your winning skills to become wildly successful

  • You’r MJ

And finally, let’s check out exactly want YOU will get from this script:

  • Immediate actions to stop negativity and perfomance problems such as bad habits. This means, you’r life wont be easier, but you will be way more powerful to manage your problems than before.

  • As this script is based on shifting your Identity, you will be capable to Transform into a completely different person instantly because the fact is you don’t have time to make a progressive change.

  • Upgrade your 4 critical skills to achieve anything you want

  • A simple 2-step method to maximize your success probability

Now, it’s funny as this could seem that I am trying to sell you something. Nothing further from truth. This is who I am (an important fact to consider the principles I’m about to share with you):

I’m an 18 guy who is in AMZ ecommerce for almost half a year. I’m currently launching my ads so I get my first sales during this few days. Concerning to my past, I have been learning from all of you since I was 14. I entered fastlane as a student a few years ago (I’m from Spain; my mind shifted the moment I dived into the English world and read TMF and Unscripted from MJ, and some other informative content)

Mind that the benefits that I mentioned before are the results I got (I felt them instantly and never got back where I was before). You simply cannot be the same person after reading this (unless you already know what I am talking about). This is why:

Although this ‘pitch’ is highly effective, I don’t expect you to believe me, but those successful guys that support this. Hence, results and action taking is considered before teaching other people. Because of this, everything that you read will be linked to the media where I have learned it.

Here’s where you decide whether you keep reading or not.

Enough introduction so far. Let’s get started.


What if you are not in the reality you want to create? How do you get there? Since it’s an idea you have in your mind, you have to create it. How? You can only do that IF you have Control / Freedom. Otherwise, you won’t be able to maintain that status even if you were lucky.

And having control has an interesting consecuence: having almost no limits. The less barriers you have, the more options & chance you have to make it. Destroying those barriers comes to mean that you have to destroy everything that links you to your current situation, specially if you don’t like it at all. It’s way way way mor effective for your long term starting from zero than starting from an old and worthless foundation. Before we dive into the real ‘code’ I want to share, make sure you figure out this:

Don’t keep making the mistake just because you invested a lot of time / money to get there. That’s the worst ludicrous thing we could do. It’s not about ‘doing something’ but about getting results.

Ok, I’ll just show you the script and then explain why:

  1. Control the 100 of your thoughts

  2. Max out your stats

  3. Think more than you work

I realized than when I followed this 3 steps, I immediately started being successful in my life. This personal fulfillment feels like giving the correct password of a system. Let’s explain why and, more importantly for YOU, how to exactly do that.

This Alex Becker video will show you exactly what I’m talking about:


But even better, this Ed Mylett’s video explains how amazing is the fact that IT DOES EXIST A CONVERTION BETWEEN WHAT WE THINK AND WHO YOU ARE.


Take your time, there are lots of golden nuggets there.

Then, it is said that our identity matches exactly with what we think about all the time. This means that If you control 100% of your thoughts, you will transform yourself and everything from the past will be left behind. Forever. Yeah.

And it worked.

If you control 100% of your thoughts, you will be increasing by 9% the probability of becaming the person you must become. So today is 9% chance, tomorrow is 18, after that is 27… In reality it doesn’t work like that; you mathematically reach a plateau where the closer you are to 99% the less % you increase (we are talking about 0’00…%).

It takes about 11 days to reach the 99% to change our mind completely. The moment I’m writting this, I’m about to finish my 11th day and, as a matter of fact, really cool things happen the moment you step over the 11th day. You don’t even feel it, but you are doing all those daily things effortlessly, which is amazing, very satisfying.

So, before changing things in your life, change yourself, change your thought. As Ed Mylett said, you do it by replacement.

But there’s a simple trick. Its effectiveness depends on how precise you are with who you want to become. Take very seriously your pasion and life purpose.

[Quick note: I understand PASSION as something you really enjoy/love , you’re naturally good at it + you can make money with it (follo the CENTS MJ rule) + you contribute to the world]

I start like this. I asked myself a big ton of questions about what I wanted (I like writting them, but you can do it the way you are more confortable) untiI asked: What would I need to do to become the person that I want to become? What kind of actions would take that person? But more importantly, What do I need to do to FEEL myself as I serial entrepreneur? Mind that the more familiar you are with it, the more agressive will be the change.

That’s how I got a 20-point list to ‘feel like an entrepreneur’ while actually doing what an entrepreneur is supposed to do. I began to dress sharp 24h even though I work from home, improve my environment, be more organised, things like that. Everyday’s experience turned into something more compelling.

It’s funny for me to realize that there’s some truth about what wantrepreneurs do. The fact is, looking as an entrepreneur (or whatever you want to be) has a great power over your thoughts.

It’s curious: the moment you put your suit on or make all those little changes from the very beggining of the day, you’re instantly feeling more powerfull / ‘limitless’ because those details are signals that your minds considers as time to dive into work.

That’s why I recommend you always doing your best to feel that way. Use each clothe or place for one single activity so your mind links it to that action and activates your energy and creativity everytime you wear that / are in that place.

One last tip: the 20 minutes after waking up and before going to bed are the most powerful ones to condition your brain. You want always to be in control of them to guarrantee your success that day.


And this is how I guarrantee 100% of controled thought every single day. Every single day I reread TMF before going to sleep for 20 min (or any other related book). As a background, I listen to these entrepreneurial videos while listening to music (at the same time, it gives me more energy) every time and working on the computer, eating, going to the toilet, going for a walk, going to the supermarket, … whenever I can, wherever I am. I literally have 6h of content from YT videos from all the big guys you know in business (specially about Amazon FBA, that’s where I put my money and time in). You can google ‘Yt mp4’ and ‘Easy YT mp3’.

If you saturate your thoughts, if that’s the only thing you hear all day long, guess what, you will keep thinking about it and imagining it even when you close your eyes. That’s control.

On top of this, you critically reduce the chance of an undesired thought coming up in your mind. So that’s the trick Nº1 of this script. If you cannot think about it, you cannot feel it. Therefore, you cannot be stopped.

Here’s a common error among entrepreneurs as Becker said. Most of them fail because the don’t care decreasing their productivity about 85% when trying to make it in things that 98% of people fail. NO MATTER WHAT YOU THINK, if your environment has evidence of those negative thoughts everywhere, the moment you see them, you have already lost. It also includes the top 5 people you hang around with. I truly believe if you are alone most of the times gives you a good advantage, because you can directly decide who you want to listen in the Internet (Ideally you would find a mentor). At least, until you upgrade your life.

Change your environment, remove all the distractions first, then Dominate your thinkink. We will get back to thinking topic later.


What about actually doing the work? That’s when the second points comes into place:

Once you are mentally prepared, it’s time to do what I like to call ‘Stat overflow’. It consists on increasing to the max the four most important skills for success: FOCUS, CREATIVITY, ENERGY, HAPPINESS.

Let’s see what Becker has to tell us about it:


Got it?

Good, l’ll give you my example so you can upgrade your skills too.

Every single day I sleep enough to be energized during the whole day. Every single morning, whether I like it or not, I take a cold shower for 20 seconds. I feel amazing and awake after that.

Then I take breakfast. I want to make sure I include lots of protein as it increases your alertness. Take lots of water , coffee (only if you like it) or green tea, organize my working room and look to my 5 biggest problems of the day. To be more productive, I follow this incredible Ed Mylett’s advice:


< You have already watched it >

Then it’s time to work. I organise my day in three 6h days and check my status every hour. Then I go for a 30min walk in the park to increase my creativity (and maybe happiness) and when I’m back I keep taking special meals to increase these skills: lemon, avocado, dark chocolate, fruit …

As I work from my bedroom, I also have a 60 minute alarm clock to make about 10 push ups every hour.

I would brutally smash the ToDo list before noon. No wonder why. Now you know how.

And the craziest thing is that at first you might think about giving up, but as soon as you remind your self that everyday you don’t you increase your success chance by 9%, you just want to keep up to get a bigger probability. I don’t want to start from 9% again. The reason I didn’t give up the first couple days is because I knew I was turning into the right person, that my life would change and the next day it would be even easier.

When you max out your stats, no obstacle is to big. You will destroy it anyways.

The next problem is sorting out those problems that may seem that you have no control about, or when you have acomplished all your daily tasks and there’s no way to get more to-do’s. Then you start thinking.

Thinking reminds you that this is not about getting results for yourself, but about turning into the right person. That’s only the highest priority because maybe you get that result, may be not (no matter how good you are, it’s all about probabilites, almost impossible to reach a 100% at anything).

But if you focus on being that person, no matter the result you get, you will eventually get there. It will make you get it faster. Even if you lose everything, you will make it because you are conditioned to do that. That is your only reality.

Now, the final step is figuring out what to do when you have done as much as you could: Thinking.

80% of your activities can be made with 20% of you resources. This is why is so important so stop from time to time, sit somewhere with a piece of paper and just thinking. I learned this from Dan Lok: you simply make yourself powerful questions (no need to answer them) for 20-40 minutes. Then you realize where you are and how to skyrocket every important area, specially your business.

I really believe this will help a lot of you. Everything you know about motivation, productivity, fulfilment… This is my script and I share it with you so that you can achieve success faster than ever before.

Let me know in the comments hat you think about.

By the way, what about sharing this?
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