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That really hit me in the face

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Aug 4, 2017
Great Britain
Excuse me my vulgar language... This is unbelievable.

How can someone feel offended by a phrase: "I'm happy to see you?" Like seriously, how the * is this possible?

Today, after finishing my beloved(?) 9-5 in order to accumulate an army of money to fight for my freedom later on, I went straight to another beloved (haha) place, but it wasn't work this time. No, it was something worse. Much, much worse.
It's a place where every boy and girl aged 6 or more is being indoctrina... Excuse me... Educated ;) Hence I would spend 3 hours obediently sitting in a classroom and yeah, you know the rest of the story.

Despite the fact that in this classroom people can feel free to the point where they say: "Oh f*ck off, please" to a teacher and get laugh as well as similar text in response, I got called by a Head Teacher because of using offensive language.


Now wait a second... Because that's interesting.
I'm not engaging into most of their tittle-tattle at all. I'm not swearing in the classroom. I'm rarely engaging into any conversations because they always revolves about guys being forced by hew wives to get into debt for a nice house and/or politics, if not about throwing some fruits into females vaginas... And this last one came up from our female, adult teacher. So yeah, pretty freakish.

Unfortunately head teacher had no clue what I said, nevertheless warned me about using offensive language in college.

Another f*ck this event happened to me today. After little brain gymnastics I've remembered that precisely one month ago (very quick reaction btw, Fast and Furious would be jealous) I came to the class after Christmas Holidays and said to my teacher that I'm happy to see her. Why? Well, I've got nice Christmas card from the same teacher in December therefore I saw no reason for not doing so.

No one cares anyway; such an offensive language should be dealt with cutting off tongue as a punishment. Bah! This makes absolutely no sense to me! The more I'm into it, the more I'm into getting the f*ck away from it.

System sucks and dammit, it makes me feel ridiculous because if I won't talk to anyone to avoid accusations of: "offending", I will be perceived as a social outcast and yes... I imagine this also can get me into some sort of troubles and decrease life satisfaction significantly.

I want to spew up...
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