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INTRO Switching things up.

Discussion in 'Forum Introductions (Who are you!?)' started by mclassic90, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. mclassic90

    mclassic90 New Contributor Read Millionaire Fastlane

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    Mar 16, 2017
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    Hey everyone, glad to be on the forums. Following a year full of medical issues, I've been working at changing every negative aspect of my life into a positive one. I've gotten into shape, further educated myself through several books, (including of course the Fastlane) and cut out negative people. The Millionaire Fastlane is actually the most recent of the books I've finished, and so I'm still soaking it in, occasionally looking back at certain parts to really try and change my old "common" viewpoints into ones that are valuable in the attempt to switch from the sidewalk mentality. I'm not sure what sort of business I am looking to start, but I will certainly be figuring that out in the very near future and taking action, ready to embrace the experience whether it be a failure or a success (something new for me as I've feared failure like many for a long time). I hope to provide some value through my journey to the other members of the forum as well once I am a bit farther along in the process. Until then I'll be checking out some of the gold threads later on this evening, and I know that soaking in some of that knowledge will inspire me to start grinding hard towards financial freedom and eventual success.

    Nice to meet you,
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