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Standing in the crowed not at the start line


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Sep 7, 2018
Hello there Florian here,

I’m a 22 yo engineering student from Germany and about to start the final thesis soon.

During my practical semester, I had the pleasure to witness the 35th company anniversary of an employee, which scared the shit out of me.

Over the last year I always thought about starting a blog but never actual got my a$$ up to do so.

While researching about how to start the PERFEKT blog I stumbled across the reason I’m introducing myself today here, the holy grail of entrepreneurship also known as the TMF . I didn’t just read the book. I devoured it like a fresh made hamburger for which already waited one hour at my beloved fast food chain.

While reading the book and lurking sever theaters here I conclude that I am stuck dreaming about the GREAT ideas but don’t getting something actually done.

The fear of failing with the idea and thus destroying my dream keeps me from making my hands dirty, so I wanted to ask how did you manage to overcome this fear and finally stop wasting precious time.

tl;dr: Ideas but too scared to fail.
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Andreas Thiel

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Aug 27, 2018
Karlsruhe, Germany

I struggled with that issue for the last 10 years ... and what I wish I had done is:
  1. keep the commitments to a minimum rather than trying to brute force progress on a "big idea"
  2. work on small portfolio pieces / projects that seem relevant even if they are not promising big returns
  3. make sure to integrate outreach and networking into my routine somehow - there is no excuse for postponing that until I have something mindblowing to show off
  4. keep reading and researching to develop some clarity about visions and what mission / strategies can get me there
Those points affect each other. While you research (4.), you get a better idea of what a reasonable next portfolio / sandbox project (2.) is. Outreach (3.) can lead to leverage in projects (2.) and clarity (3.) and help speed things up - once you figure out how to get advice from experts in a field etc.

Hope to read more from you. Consider reading UNSCRIPED if you are not planning to do that already.
It addresses several potential pitfalls in more detail and the new concepts that it introduces can make a huge difference considering that you will have to make quite a few pivotal life choices in the next years.

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