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Oct 30, 2015
Edmonton, Canada
Hello! I've recently finished listening to TMF (gotta do something on my commute) and really believe I need to make a change.

I'm 34, single, and have been a web developer for over 7 years. I've also got a (non-computer) engineering degree and a 2-year programming diploma. There's nothing wrong with my job on the surface. It pays pretty well, decent environment and people, and we get to use modern technologies and tools. I'm just sick of working for someone else, using my time, energy, focus, and creativity to make money for some corporation, where not even my own effort affects my salary. I could realistically double my income going from employed to contracting, but I don't think I'd be any happier, while likely adding stress securing contracts.

Basically, all I've known growing up through family and friends is the slow lane, and I'm successful enough at it that I could coast along for the next 30 years taking 3-week vacations each year (if I stay 6 more years I get 4 weeks ZOMGS) and retire comfortably. I just worry that I'd be miserable the whole time, and would continue wasting my spare time with distractions along the way.

I'm sick of being a cog in the wheels, so I'm hoping I can find some ideas, confidence, and motivation here to get me started in a venture I believe in.

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