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Setting health goals

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Jun 1, 2019
Once I got this idea from Brian Tracy that one can set health goals. I tried this idea at some point in the past, and it worked!

Certain health difficulties used to consume hours of my time every week, sometimes more than 10 hours. I cannot say that I have solved the issues completely, but currently the lost time is in the minutes per week, and my energy levels are much better. It does involve a very limited use of medications — after much deliberation I concluded that it is a small price to pay as compared to trying to cure everything "naturally," which is what the yogi in me wanted. Without doubt, it is the paradigm of setting health goals that allowed me to make this progress, as it required me to keep experimenting with solutions for health issues that were not life-or-death, more like an annoying distraction. There was no emotional pressure to find solid solutions beyond the bare basics, yet a more systematic exploration produced better outcomes.

Similarly, I was able to decrease the number of yearly colds and sinus infections I've been getting. A few years ago I had a year when I had 9 or 10, sometimes with weeks of very low productivity. Since then I have fine-tuned home remedies to speed up recovery and prevent complications, such as a cold growing into a laryngitis or a chest infection, by basically aggressively treating any mild symptoms I may be having for any reason, using a combination of essential oils, supplements, probiotics, rest, exercise, sauna, cold showers, medicines, hypnosis, meditation. At this point I barely remember when I last had a full-fledged week-long cold, let alone a flu, as I got used to stopping them at an early stage. (Not taking any chances with the coronavirus, though.)

Curious to hear about others' experiences.

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Nov 11, 2016
Canada (Vancouver)
I usually don't get sick, would consider myself fairly healthy. Regular exercise, don't smoke or drink which puts you ahead of most people, diet is important (which I'm horrible with)

Staying away from the city and being outdoors surronded by trees for fresh oxygen / nature bathing is ideal aswell, I live up in the mountains in a smaller town and feel my mental health is alot better aswell. Stressing your body for physical health is maybe the most important thing for overall health (weight lifting/bodyweight routines & running) Since the lockdown stuff started it's been the first time actually putting an emphasis on excercising that's always been put off from being a wage slave, I remember sprinting and hacking up my lungs.... lol now trying to get out atleast 3x a week which I've been consistent with the past few months!

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