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EXECUTION Scaling a service business and Creating a great internet based business with the content model. Lenin's Progress Thread :)


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Dec 4, 2018
It has been more than 8 months since my first publication and I am writing this update to become aware of how I am going, record my route, see if someone throws light on me and maybe in a few years I can help someone with my career.
In one of the forum threads I read that I had to create an execution thread and here I am. (I had already created one where I tell my story a bit (Ón-actual-negocionen-el-rubro-construcci% C3% B3n-o-change-to-another-type-service. 87119 /), but there are some language errors, that's why I'm starting this one, with a little more experience in the forum).
In these last 6 months I have learned a lot and used for my service business, ADVERTISING IN FACEBOOKS ADS (I studied two courses on this). As a result I have received several clients of thousands of dollars and one of the last we did work for 15,000 dollars. Glad for that, although what I gained in a couple of months I had nothing. Now in difficulties to convert LEADS into customers, it is a bit slow.
Also earlier this year my brother passed me an SEO course from someone from Spain that I admired, in the world of marketing. I was so excited about the idea of passive income from web pages and Adscense that I created up to 6 web pages.
Then another person I respect told me that that was to create "digital basophy of little value" and that it is best to create our own courses, books or guides on our experience. That seemed reasonable to me and I stopped making the web pages.
Very good things I got from that experience because now I know how to make a website, I made the page of my services business and one for my personal brand.
Another thing that I also started is doing a course teaching the experience of my field (building with DRYWALL) as a result of reading Patt Flyn's books and blog. Although I have not yet made any sale of the courses, but I plan to do a course on the technical part and another on the commercial part. I have decided to build a business based on content (according to TML).
Year of much learning about the internet and digital marketing.
Thanks for reading me.

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