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Reflections on Entrepreneurship in 2018

Anything related to matters of the mind


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May 28, 2014
This is just my reflections for 2018. It may or may not resonate with you.
As an Entrepreneur myself, I understand theirs these phases I go through of inner transformation. I suppose I can measure where I was in 2014 and where I am in 2018. There's a great difference in how to relate with others, and point of view.

Adding value is I believe is standing in your authenticity regardless of what your family thinks, what your friends think, what other Entrepreneurs think. The whole point is standing as a lone wolf and taking the hits regardless of what the world is saying.

I see a lot of people struggling right now. While we like to project the idea the mindset is quite easy, there is a process you go through. I believe we forget we're all on the track at different levels of growth and development.

Opposition is just part of the game. I believe part of the Entrepreneur Mindset is is having inner peace with yourself. I believe your heart has to be 100% in it all the way, or you're going to collapse. This is also about getting a grip on the big picture of humanity. How can I serve humanity in the best possible way. Adding value is doing a lot of research, observational research, knowing your niche like the back of your hand. Quality over Quantity. The quality of information determines the outcome of our success, besides the success of those who buy the product. The authenticity shows up in how much wisdom, knowledge, and insight you have on the subject.

The world needs leaders who pull humanity up out of the fallacies of past generations. The question remains, what needs to be weeded out, what's worked in the systems, what has failed, and how do we come up with a better way to make it happen.

This is just kind of push off place for me this year in 2018. Ha! Ha! There's this just this vibe inside saying, "It's time to move as fast as I can this year, go up to bat, and take action. Go up to bat hard and hit a home run out of all the ball park." It's kind of a weird feeling.

I laughed with my friend back home, because we're going to talk and he's been into advertising for the last 17 years. There's times when you have resources around you, but you forget. I've watched him bring my brothers band to the top ranks the last five years. We laughed because five years he was singing Eye of the Tiger. Neither one of us thought about I'd be heading to be a Mental Toughness Coach. I am kind of blessed, because I know in my home community he knows how to do fundraisers, big events with all the bands, and promote products with shirts and stuff. I'm kind of anxious to speak with him, because he will give me a lot of good pointers even thought it's not the music industry.


I brought this up because as we go along in life, we don't know how things will happen, why, when, or wear. I remember in 1989 when I graduated from High School, I didn't have a clue why I was working for K-mart learning about sales, marketing, and commissions. I entered my first psychology classes. I was also in Graphics and Arts. I was obsessed with the Rocky movies. When I look through all the events I've been through in life the last 33 years, I believe the experience taught me to do what I was born to do, teach others to move through adversity, be mentally tough, be an inner warrior, set the example, and move up out of the negative conditioning of society.

Worry, anxiety, frustration get in the way. I've learned to take a leap of faith, even when I can't see what's ahead of me. This is blind faith and believing that everything will fall in place as you move along and take action. Long-term gains are quite different than short-term gains. Short-cuts don't work with Entrepreneurship. While their might be short-term gains, I think for me it's been making sure I do things right the first time, making sure I have the experience, research, education, and all my ducks in row. While some people may have cringed their teeth, I watch a lot of people wipe out because they didn't do the work. This to me is about building a future that last long-term. Not just for myself, but perhaps my grandchildren.

This is just what I learned from the top Entrepreneur in my family. He never allowed anything to get in his way, participated in the local community, stayed up to date, didn't care what other people thought about him, and he wasn't afraid to be authentic and say it like it is. Since he owned an Excavating company, I watched him plow down buildings, crush everything in sight, whether concrete, steal, wood, dig down in the ground, remove all the debris, smooth out the land before he joined his partners to build something knew.

I believe many people panic when their life gets plowed over, when everything comes crashing down, depressed, anxious, and I believe this is breaking down your old life. There's a time where you re-invent yourself. The character gets stretched, events test the will to see what your made of, challenge you to be a survivor. There may be times where you get tired, want to give up, quit, and still you keep breaking down the self-limited beliefs, face every fear, and there's this huge place where your world is turned upside down, inside out, down side up, and life is constantly throwing unexpected events your way.

This takes a lot of faith in yourself. It's believing in yourself you can overcome any obstacle in life. This also takes courage and strength to face the positive and negative qualities in yourself. This is emptying out all the false beliefs, breaking out of the conditioning, and limited thinking. There are a million excuses we can make why we're not performing.

The biggest is the emotional attachments we make with other people. Naturally we want t share our wealth and health with other people. Along the way, you find out people aren't always on the same page, have the same mindset, same intentions, same motivations. Sacrifices are made, for the simple reason you know you're different. I think it sucks sometimes for Entrepreneurs because we're intelligent, at least for me my mind is always shooting off with ideas, concepts, and theories. I have to laugh because in 1989, I hated math, I hated English, and I used to think it was too hard. Being part of Generation X, perhaps there was truth to it, I was a slacker in the first part of my life, misfit, and rebellious. The millennials remind me of myself, because I thought I was invincible, knew everything, had an attitude, but didn't know how to be balanced, didn't have inner peace within myself, my focus was scattered and undisciplined. I allowed other people to manipulate my thoughts, emotions, and feelings.

Setting personal boundaries is necessary to be an Entrepreneur. While there are lots of nice people in the world, not everyone will support you, not everyone will back you up. There are those who don't want to see you succeed. And this is probably another great hurdle to get over. Some people want you to play it safe. Someone envision you to be who they would like to create you to be. I never quite fall in the fantasy version of myself. Except for Wonder Woman of course.

Half the battle is to stop warring with yourself and warring with other people. The battle is within your psyche, integrating, and becoming inf your full power as the feminine and masculine. Choosing battles wisely, deciphering what is worth fighting for, what is worth letting go of your life, and who to have on your team.

Life pushes you to make tough choices at times. I understand the brain can be stupid at times. All of us can be stubborn. Even at times I may want to dive into something, only find out, it wasn't what I thought it was to begin with. People can tell you to let go, but sometimes we need to crash, or we don't learn the lesson. There is no reason to beat yourself up, feel guilty about it, or regret it. You just simply face the hard truth, and navigate yourself in the right direction and get back on the track.

A lot of us don't like seeing the hard truth. If somethings not working, you have to let it go. The natural extinct is to hold on to something as long as you can for stability and security. There's uncertainty in everything. We never know what tomorrow will bring. There is no certainty in life. While we may want to feel secure and safe, this doesn't mean what you believe is stability and security will last.

Self-reliance is true freedom. This is my main motivation for being an Entrepreneur. Security and Safety to me is knowing I don't have to depend on anyone in the world for resources, survival of the fittest, and whenever events come along, I don't have to rely on another human being to survive. I can also provide a service to humanity, and teach others to be self-reliant, and stand on their own two feet.

Life comes with personal responsibility to self and those fellow human beings who walk by our side. While we like to focus on the "I'", we can never truly get anywhere in life without the "We". First you must make inner peace with yourself, before you can have inner peace with humanity. Do really need to create crisis in our lives, or we can choose to live in balance and peace with ourselves an others?

I believe people like the quick fix, short-cuts, and waiting for life to happen. Life will surely pass you by if you're focused on the wrong things in life. This is what we must ask in 2018, are we willing to pass up the opportunity or take advantage of it, use it for leverage to reach beyond the stars regardless of the outcome and execute? This is up to me and you.

Do you need validation from others, attention from others, approval from others or can you stand in your authenticity and perform your 100% percent best, not matter the outcome.
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Nov 20, 2017
Love the part about setting personal boundaries. Too many dream killers out there.


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Dec 27, 2013
Excellent post :)

For this post I gave you every single rep bank I had left. You deserve it!


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Mar 23, 2015
That was a really freaking good post, sir. Respect and rep transferred.

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