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Real estate, USA or Canada ?

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Oct 13, 2021
Hello everyone, i hope all of you have a nice day.
My name is Gonzalo and i live in chile.
Im looking move to other country and i have two options to choose, USA or Canada. Before take a decision i have been looking many articles of taxes in both countries but i think is better ask to the entrepeneuer of this forum. Im looking to initiate a business in a real estate but I could not decide which country will be better to initiate this activity.
Which country is the best to initiate real estate activity in terms of: taxes, buy, rent, lending, for me now I considerate that taxes is the most important topic in real estate.

Thanks everyone can help me to take a decision.

PS: I dont publish a poll because I wanna read arguments to the answers
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Mar 15, 2018
RE is a local business. One street over and you have a different picture for investment thesis.
Yet your question is so broad that I don't even know where to begin.
What is your criteria? You need to be more specific if you want help.
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Oct 25, 2012
If you plan on moving and becoming a citizen just keep in mind that USA essentially makes you a tax prisoner for life.

Like Antifragile said, both countries are insanely massive and real estate varies from the country side to the city, to different communities in each city, to literal individual streets.


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Aug 25, 2020
These types of real estate questions never make sense. People ask what state to invest in, what country, what market... It's super duper specific and local, it is even more niche than that, your specific property and lot and building really makes the deal work. You can make a good deal happen right in your own backyard if you do it right, or you can lose your a$$.

Find the deal. You aren't buying a country. The taxes on the property are just one detail out of a laundry list of details.

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