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  1. E

    Shopify Store owner - selling beauty products

    Hello everyone, As a Shopify store merchant it says it is mandatory to have a SSN (Social Security Number) if you have an LLC registered in the US. In reality, it is straight forward to form an LLC in the US, but if you don't have an SSN to enter in the designated mandatory field in the...
  2. R

    living in a tax payer hell for a country

    ive been rapidly advancing in research and preparation for lauching my first standalone business on the web, but now have to face the looming shadow ive tried to ignore so far, the tax in finland is extremely high, and anything that hist more than 30 000 a year gets taxed from 36% all the way up...
  3. Paco G

    I am 17 and going the Slowlane

    I'm a 17-year-old boy from Germany, currently for about half a year an electrician trainee (I chose this job because if everything fails I can still open an electrician business). For over 1 Year now, I research every day about "How to Get Rich", you ask what I did in the year... NOTHING not 1...
  4. M

    Help! Income tax on startup option exercise is gonna break me...

    TL;DR...what is the best country to exercise US stock options in? I'm finally about to get a stock options grant agreement from the startup I joined over 2 years ago next week, with accelerated vesting from the time I joined, and a strike price reflective of the then value of the company. The...
  5. G

    Real estate, USA or Canada ?

    Hello everyone, i hope all of you have a nice day. My name is Gonzalo and i live in chile. Im looking move to other country and i have two options to choose, USA or Canada. Before take a decision i have been looking many articles of taxes in both countries but i think is better ask to the...
  6. MJ DeMarco

    2024 State Tax Rankings... Time for You to Move?

    Part of the reason why I moved to Utah from Arizona... AZ continues to slowly slide lower, and lower, and lower. Happy to see Utah in the top ten, albeit, just barely. Nevada was a consideration but I have zero trust in their state government, on top of strict Covid protocols (endangering its...
  7. A

    Shipping goods from China to EU

    Hey everyone, I am planning on importing food boxes made of sugarcane - making it biodegradable - from China, but the shipping costs are so high that it would take all my profits away, making it impossible to even operate with a 10% profit margin. I heard the shipping prices jump high during...
  8. Tanu1234

    I prepared a list of top tax deductions for business owners. Check it out.

    To reduce the tax burden, consider these top 25 tax deductions for small businesses. Some of the common deductions are wages, travelling expenses, interest, promotion expenses. Check out the whole list now to save your business cash. Below are Tax deductions for small businesses as per US tax...
  9. L

    Intro and inviting suggestions

    Hi, I am a Chartered Accountant (equivalent to US CPA) from Mumbai, India. I got my degree in 2008 and joined Ernst & Young in the Direct Tax consultancy division. I had a brief 3 years' stint and I can say, I gained good exposure in this field and secured great networking opportunities. But...
  10. C

    Business Taxes in Italy

    Hi guys! I'm new here and I would like to create a website, but I had few questions to ask you because I'd like to understand if this is Italian problem or it's pretty much everywhere the same thing ahahah. Basically in Italy if I want to create a website from scratch I should pay 7k of taxes...
  11. LifeisSuffering

    Law and Tax Book

    Hello Since I will start my company soon Do you have any resources about Law and Tax in Business, a book, or a helpful forum. Just to know when I hire accounts and lawyers.
  12. BellaPippin

    They want to amend the IL constitution to eAT tHE rICH

    So uh.. I just got this as a pamphlet in the mail, they want to change the flat rate income tax in IL to be able to randomly assign a tax rate to "the wealthy" and the arguments "pro-change" they give....... it's like Bernie wrote it. Idk, you be the judge. Somewhere in a deep forest a bald...
  13. R

    How does Kiyosaki (Rich Dad) reduce personal income tax liability to zero?

    I have been watching Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad videos on Youtube. Straight up I want to say that I don't particularly subscribe to the stuff he says (I agree with some of the general concepts about getting a financial education, understanding legal tax efficiency steps, and motivational aspects...
  14. PetePreneur

    Who Here Used To Or Currently Files Their Own Tax Returns And Is It Difficult?

    Hi, So I'm about to launch an expensive product brand in the next few months that I'll only be making maybe 1 sale a day for at best in if it goes well and I'm thinking whether it's worth just filing my own tax returns to save money? My previous business was a high volume low profit per item...
  15. R

    Seeking offshore income advice

    I'm FINALLY in a place where I have to start thinking about this Here's the deal. I will soon have offshore income coming in. I'm resident in Japan, Canadian and have no corporate entity. I want to be as tax efficient as possible and fully legal about how I do it. At first, it'll be...
  16. 100k

    How TRUMP Really Got Rich!

    I believe politics is off topics, so let's try not to get into politics. But this is how Trump really got rich; through good ol' pappa Trump. Gotta give it to the man, he figured out how to make money, and used every play he could think off to pass of his wealth to his children while incurring...
  17. Aleph

    Setting up an untouchable foundation?

    I've been playing with an idea of an end goal lately, spurred on by -what I believe- were some extremely shocking examples of gov't incompetence. Spent some time at my parents,where a news paper is available. Old habits and all... It may be outlandish. My parents sure as hell wouldn't even want...
  18. X

    15k Tax Dept With 21

    Hello, i am trying to make this as short as possible. I was earning a good amount of money in 2016. I also put the tax money on a separate bank account so i cant accidentally spend it. But after half a year my money was spend and nothing new was coming in anymore. So i started to use the tax...
  19. TKDTyler

    Do you work for your 401k or does your 401k work for you?

    *Disclaimer: I am not in any way shape or form a license tax professional. I am in no way advocating dodging tax laws – this serves as an informatory post and use of the information should be consulted between you and your own tax professional* Traditionally, 401k’s have been a slowlaner’s way...
  20. SteveO

    Taxation smack upside the head

    Clearly I don't follow along with happenings as well as I should. I called my accountant to help with understanding the taxes that should be expected if I wanted to cash out of the commercial building. As we went through the list.... one stood out.... about 80K to the affordable care act...