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  1. A

    Skip queues for rental apartments

    Hey all, just read the Millionaire Fastlane and I'm in the process of figuring out a need to solve. In Sweden, where I'm located, interest rates are way up and it is expensive to buy your own place. Add to this the fact that prices for apartments have skyrocketed during the last years, and...
  2. O

    How Should I Invest 20K at the age of 20?

    I am current 19 and a Realtor still trying to find my footing in the business. I work a part time job for now and plan to sell a couple houses by the end of the year. That being said by next year I should have at minimum 20K, at first I was thinking of buying a rental property to generate cash...
  3. biophase

    Why you should buy a home as early as possible.

    I know that this may be a controversial topic, but I want to give you a few examples of people that I know that are slowlaners but are actually doing very well vs. some aspiring "fastlaners" that aren't anywhere in the same position. This topic came to mind when another friend was shocked when...
  4. AristotlesPupil

    As a young guy, rent and invest in a business, or race-to-real-estate as fast as possible?

    I am 24. Where I live, real-estate prices are going off the charts. Should I try to get in the game as fast as possible on a "starter" home, possibly rent it out for 6 months and live in it for the other 6, for it to qualify as my permanent residence and save on taxes? Or should I just rent and...
  5. G

    Real estate, USA or Canada ?

    Hello everyone, i hope all of you have a nice day. My name is Gonzalo and i live in chile. Im looking move to other country and i have two options to choose, USA or Canada. Before take a decision i have been looking many articles of taxes in both countries but i think is better ask to the...
  6. FastNAwesome

    Should I rent, go travel, buy a home - or something else? (While building a business)

    Hello fastlaners. Having some hard time - would really appreciate your advice. Recently, I've been shaken from comfort due to landlord's argument with contractors and new neighbors, which broke over my back. I've been told to leave the place I paid for on a 1-day notice (or live in a flat...
  7. brief

    Sideproject: 1 backyard - 2 weekends - 5 figure income

    Hi, just wanted to share a short story with you guys. Last summer I wanted to make some side money from renting camping places in my garden. I had absolutely no idea if people would be interested. So anyways, I started listing my garden to see if anything would happen. For months nothing...

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