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  1. G

    Real estate, USA or Canada ?

    Hello everyone, i hope all of you have a nice day. My name is Gonzalo and i live in chile. Im looking move to other country and i have two options to choose, USA or Canada. Before take a decision i have been looking many articles of taxes in both countries but i think is better ask to the...
  2. F

    Where to Set Up First Office in Canada or U.S. (for NA Business Expansion)

    Hi everyone, I have a question about what a good place might be to set up the first North American office of a German company wishing to further its development into Canada and the U.S. As context: I am Canadian but have been working in Europe for many years. I have recently been approached...
  3. R

    Seeking offshore income advice

    I'm FINALLY in a place where I have to start thinking about this Here's the deal. I will soon have offshore income coming in. I'm resident in Japan, Canadian and have no corporate entity. I want to be as tax efficient as possible and fully legal about how I do it. At first, it'll be...
  4. Jeff Noel

    Aspiring to fullfilment, happiness and life.

    Me Hi everyone, I'm a 25 years old French Canadian. I'll try to be as transparent as possible, but I'm sorry if I just throw a ton of information all at once. Note: I didn't read TFL or Unscripted yet. The main reason is that I preordered the French version of TFL for my girlfriend's birthday...
  5. TonyStark

    Canada Pot Stocks

    Just curious what Fastlaner's thought are on weed legalization in Canada; how are you cashing in on this boom?
  6. GoldMan79

    [Need] Computer science engineer from a foreign country looking for an internship to move to Canada

    Hello, I'm a computer science engineer from Morocco, by the end of this year I will finish school and obtain my engineering degree from Morocco and a master's degree from France, I'm looking for an internship in Canada, will you be willing to give me this opportunity?
  7. Young Money

    Selling my product on from Canada

    Hey guys, I'm pretty new around here so let me start off by introducing myself, my name is Austin and I live in Alberta, Canada. I have come up with a product idea I'd like to develop and am in the process of ironing out the gritty details so I can approach a Chinese supplier in the near future...
  8. jesseissorude

    My Friend hasn't paid Canadian Sales Taxes since 2014. Next steps?

    Title says it all. He hasn't filed 2014-2016 (but paid 2017) He doesn't have a big business... just a one man consulting gig editing videos. Canadian Revenue Agency called him and he owes between CAD$4.5k-6k. I'm trying to help him out with advice, but I'm in the USA and have no experience...
  9. Michael Burgess

    Quantum Valley: the Silicon Valley of The North

    Have you ever heard of Quantum Valley? I'm sure most of you are familiar with Silicon Valley in California - a geographic region that is home to a huge tech and business ecosystem. Quantum Valley is a similar thing in Kitchener-Waterloo (Ontario, Canada). It's known as "Quantum" Valley...
  10. bonjourdaisy

    FBA Freight Forwarder -

    Hello, I just wanted to pass on my experience with ordering from a Chinese FBA freight forwarder. I found a company called Forest Shipping that just recently started freight forwarding to I've had some bad luck with other freight forwarders in the past but I decided to give them...
  11. G


    I was wondering if there are any Canadian entrepreneurs on here with online businesses and how they've dealt with the hurdles. I'm from Edmonton, Alberta ( Trade central/Oil capital of Canada). Would love to hear everyones experiences.!!
  12. BigRomeDawg

    Canadian business, how to pay U.S. employee?

    Does anyone here have a Canadian business with U.S. employees? Or know the best way to handle this? Or can refer an accountant who knows? Employee or subcontractor? U.S. bank account? Paypal? Wire transfer? Looking for convenience & to minimize taxes & fees for both the employee and employer...
  13. BigRomeDawg

    Vancouver Meetup This Week

    Any interest in a Vancouver meetup this week?
  14. Fox

    Canada: Edmonton - Calgary - Banff... 1st - 6th Feb

    Hey guys will be in Canada from the 1st - 6th of Feb. Something like: Edmonton... 1st - 3rd Calgary... 4th Banff... 4th-6th If you are in those areas and want to meet up get in touch. Thanks.
  15. Shane247

    An Irishman in Vancouver

    Hey guys, I finally made it to Vancouver on my own! I got in last week and spent time around the city and meeting people through meetup. I also got a job in a warehouse to pay the bills. Next comes the fun part! finding out what to pursue to land on the millionaire fastlane....I build a...