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MARKETPLACE Quality pre-owned tires for $10 and up!


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Mar 17, 2008
Well, They say that the average millionaire fails 17 times before they finally succeed. Here we go again.

Tires and Tires

I know the website is crap but I'm open to suggestions.

And if you want to buy some tires let me know. I may have something for you!:fastlane:

I think all fastlaners need good tires. Heck I think everyone needs good tires except maybe the Amish. LOL.

All tires are hand inspected for quality assurance and only the best make it to ebay.

Ask here for a size and Ill see if I can get it. I only deal in pre-owned right now so only what I have in stock is available. Not all tires are shown in the ebay Store.

Well anyway that's what Ive been up too. How bout you?



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Read Millionaire Fastlane
Speedway Pass
Apr 12, 2012
North San Diego County
Bumping old threads is fun!

I spent some time with a guy who made a fortune with old tires. Caltrans paid him to pick up abandoned tires on the roadways, so money coming in there. He then shredded the tires and sold the "rubber mulch" to various different industries.

Even if you've got tires that aren't road worthy anymore, you can still make a buck with it. Could be a good opportunity for you too.

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