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NOTABLE! [Progress] Sanctus Nutrition - Supplement Company (and first real entrepreneurial pursuit)

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Jun 24, 2017
Have you looked at expanding your offerings, or potentially moving into a different supplement niche under another brand or company?

I am going to be offering supplements as part of my business and have several ideas for branching out after my initial set of supplement offerings.

Supplements are something you know quite a bit about already. You could probably have quite a bit of success by just branching out a bit. Maybe something like a post-workout or overnight recovery sort of product. Just throwing stuff out there.

I'm in a very different supplement niche, but I do know that people are always looking for something that not only gets them through their workout, but helps them recover so they don't feel like garbage for the next one. If you could figure out how to make leg day not hurt so bad for the next 2 days, that would be HUGE.

Pre and Post workout package deal.

Good luck!
I'd love to expand into a protein, or other products, but I don't have the funding.

Re: recovery; the right pre-workout goes a long way in reducing DOMS but most people don't realize that. L-citrulline in the 6000 - 8000 mg range will work wonders - but most preWOs drastically underdose it or use a combo of L-citrulline + L-ornithine or arginine which is not as effective.

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Monica Rose

Bronze Contributor
Apr 14, 2019
Maui, Hawaii
Hey, thanks for stopping in! Glad you found so much value here.

Sanctus is still operating, but that's about the only good news or update. It isn't growing, and frankly, I'm at a loss for what else to do/try.
I just found this post and read everything on the first page of comments and then skipped to the most recent, so not sure what I missed in between, or if my suggestion to you has been mentioned already. I understand the desire to focus on more modern forms of advertising like Facebook ads and IG affiliate marketing, but I wonder if there is a place in your marketing plan for good old fashioned cold calling, in particular to owners of Crossfit Boxes. Since your Avatar is a crossfitter (assuming that hasn't changed), a box, or gym, is somewhere that your product would have exposure to your target market. If you reached out to gym owners and could get them interested in testing your product, you may be able to get them to sell it in the gym. I know from experience that the owners of crossfit gyms are generally pretty influential within their environment, and are looked up to by their members. They may only have a few hundred members, but I'd think a decent percentage of them could be likely customers. I also think that if you love this product and are passionate about what it is and what it does, that would really come through in how you described it to each gym owner. Once you've sold them, through your initial pitch and them hopefully seeing results, they'd probably be inspired to share the benefits with their members, and could be further motivated with an appropriate commission structure.


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Jul 7, 2017
New York, NY
Hey, thanks for stopping in! Glad you found so much value here.

Sanctus is still operating, but that's about the only good news or update. It isn't growing, and frankly, I'm at a loss for what else to do/try.
Similar to what other forum members on this thread, I just want to say thank you for having the courage to share your story.

This thread has been extremely valuable to me in a variety of ways. It especially reinforces the process principle, the precursor to real lasting change, at least in my mind. :)

I look forward to seeing you succeed!


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Oct 6, 2016
how are things going dude?
Are you still planning to get on Amazon?

If you haven't tried it, I suggest getting an ad spot on a podcast. I was able to secure a spot on a pretty popular podcast 2 months ago. It ran on Monday and inventory was basically cleaned out by the end of the week. We are still getting sales from that episode (track sales using a unique coupon code).
That might be the boost your brand needs
If its not workout related, you should try one of those success/finance podcasts. Those seem to attract workout heads as well

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