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Practice Perfect : If you want to get better at ANYTHING read this book


Read Millionaire Fastlane
Jul 14, 2019
At work, but morally obligated to share this immediately.

Read Practice Perfect NOW

Close whatever you're reading and read this book first.

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Read Millionaire Fastlane
Jul 14, 2019
What makes you think it's the best book on the subject? Consider also e.g. The Talent Code.
Loved the Talent Code.

The fact that:

I've been teaching professionally since 2005. It's ok with me if you think English Teachers aren't real teachers, but I wouldn't hesitate to compare myself to the best teachers anywhere.

I have and will continue to read many books on the subject, but this is the best I've read in the first 52 years of my life.
I've been studying learning strategies for about 30 years for my own improvement.
I have a degree in psychology, which is where most learning theory originates, I learning theory courses in university.
I've read quite a few books by leading experts, or science writers citing leading experts and researchers like Carol Dweck, Anders Ericson, Chip and Dan Heath and at least several other names that I can't recall at the moment.

This book cites most or all mentioned and that they've culminated EVERYTHING I've EVER learned about teaching, learning, practice, and my own long experience teaching in the real world into one book.

They've also derived their own conclusions from watching, recording and training other teachers using the best teachers award-winning, highly accomplished, teachers they could find, then distilled everything they did down, taught it all to other teachers, and further refined it through years of teaching the best techniques from the best teachers and experts to other teachers in their real-world through their training courses, then adjusted everything constantly to arrive where they are in their training, practice and teaching methods now.

It's all empirical from the best, taught through the best and Kaizened their findings constantly.

BTW, I'm less than halfway through and stand by those words with absolute confidence.

They give 42 specific actionable methods for teaching and HOW to execute them.

Contrasted against 30 years of studying the subject for myself and above said experience, I've never seen it's equal. All that, and I've not finished it yet.

...makes me think it's the best book on this subject.

If Daniel Coyle ( I've read Talent Code and I think one or two others he wrote) he's a superb writer and taught me ( someone who majored in neuroscience ) something I had no idea about in my own study focus. Yeah myelination as the physiological underpinning of was enlightening.

That said, if The Talent Code is a wimpy 9th grader, Practice Perfect is Arnold Schwarzenegger.

If you read Practice Perfect and ignore The Talent Code you won't miss much if you're after results, but the reverse isn't true.

Still, I'd also recommend everyone read the Talent Code and Talent is Overrated to dispell their delusions about the existence of "talent" and the excuse most people use it as.

***Note to Tim Ferriss and the guy who did the TED "debunking" the 10,000 rule, neither of you has mastered anything except not sucking completely at a few things and ( Tim Ferris ) has mastered spin-doctoring half-truths into seeming shortcuts, that work IFF measured against the lowest common denominator. But both are masters of nothing.

Anders Ericcson, the researcher cited in Malcolm Gladwell's Outliers will set you and Gladwell straight about how wrong/mistaken Gladwell was in his book Peak, the original source schools Gladwell.

Paraphrased " I hate that rule, it's wrong", "10,000 hours was the BEGINNING or POTENTIAL of mastery, for the most talented music students, not the end."

If you know of a better book on ANY SUBJECT or practice, teaching and learning please share it, but The Talent Code, as superb as it is, isn't even close.
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Bronze Contributor
Speedway Pass
Jun 5, 2019
At work, but morally obligated to share this immediately.

Read Practice Perfect NOW

Close whatever you're reading and read this book first.

this is the old way of doing copywriting

" stop doing that and do that now ". military-like marketing that doesn't really work

the new way :


from Eben Pagan teachings

" if you want to know how ............. then you should Read Practice Perfect NOW "

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