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Ordering gym/fitness equipment from Alibaba or otherwise. help?

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Jan 8, 2016
Hi Fastlaners - I'm running a bunch of niche fitness class in the UAE and I'm at a point right now where my audience is starting to grow so I'm ready to start investing in some equipment (kettlebells, dumbells, elastic bands, etc) to enhance the quality of my classes.

It's not a full out gym but more than if you were just buying for personal use. To give you an idea of volume, I'll need a range of kettlebells from 4kg - 24 kg and ill need at least 2 of each (so say a total of 20 kettlebells). This amongst various other pieces of equipment, but nothing like what would be needed for a full commercial-use gym.

When I look at retail outlets here, the prices are way to expensive for this type of stuff, so I've gone online and looked at some suppliers from AliBaba. However, I have no experience ordering wholesale from the online retailer and could use some advice from seasoned veterans.

I obviously want to get quality products but for a good price. Any recommendations of the best way to achieve what's been described: bulk ordering heavy fitness equipment online for a good price.

Thanks alll!!

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Walter Hay

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Sep 13, 2014
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I should not do this to suppliers, even ones on Alibaba, but your best hope of getting what you want at the best price is to make them think that you want samples to test the market.

Even then, the freight on the kettlebells could be a killer. You will usually pay a higher than advertised price for samples. Buy from the manufacturers, not from traders. See my AMA regarding this matter.

It is possible that you might do better buying from a supplier on Aliexpress.

Just a few suggestions about risks:
  • Don't pay via Western Union.
  • Don't believe reviews on those sites.
  • Don't believe everything you read on those sites.
  • Don't accept shipment on a freight collect basis.
Finally, shop around locally where you won't have to pay a huge freight bill.


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Jul 20, 2014
Do any of your local equipment stores have financing options for large purchases? Actually, maybe you should research who the equipment stores buy their product from... there's a wholesaler somewhere in that supply chain.


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May 27, 2013
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Hi Fastlaners - I'm running a bunch of niche fitness class in the UAE and I'm at a point right now where my audience is starting to grow so I'm ready to start investing in some equipment (kettlebells, dumbells, elastic bands, etc) to enhance the quality of my classes.

What abut buying used weights? Maybe you can find a source locally?

I buy all my home gym equipment used, for WAY less than retail.

Weights are one of the few things I buy locally, and not online. Because of the freight.


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Jun 8, 2016
Have you checked your local Kijiji? There are usually people who already have some type of distribution/warehouse setup, that are selling equipment comparable to the quality you find on Alibaba at a fair price.

if it was some other object it might be worth looking at, but you're shipping WEIGHT. So the cost of freight will end up costing the same thing (or more) as local-retail, unless you fill up a pallet and put it on a boat.

Another option would be to look at local gyms, see if any gyms are closing, look for other warehouse-gym-suppliers near by. Sometimes they sell off their equipment when they're closing/moving.

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