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  1. P3HSB

    Need help importing from china using Alibaba wholesale "ready to ship"

    hi, i been looking around and found a product i would like to sell. This product was found in the alibaba "ready to ship" wholesale section. I am trying to figure out exact cost shipped to my door. The product cost per unit is $8.00. MOQ is 100, so total cost of the product is $800. Shipping...
  2. Diogo Santos

    First time importing from Alibaba? Here's some tips!

    Hello guys, I'm on the process of finding a supplier for my products on Alibaba and I'm gathering some information before I do so I won't have any surprises later on, I've found this video and it sure helped me, so it can probably help you if you're still diving into Alibaba. View...
  3. A

    RANT How was your experience with prototyping?

    Hello! Currently I have a validated idea (like many of you) and I want to jump into the prototyping stage. I've beed doing some research and I've read that many send their idea/sketch/3D model to manufacturers of Alibaba, however, I've contacted some myself and found it really expensive and...
  4. K

    Ordering gym/fitness equipment from Alibaba or otherwise. help?

    Hi Fastlaners - I'm running a bunch of niche fitness class in the UAE and I'm at a point right now where my audience is starting to grow so I'm ready to start investing in some equipment (kettlebells, dumbells, elastic bands, etc) to enhance the quality of my classes. It's not a full out gym...
  5. Benjaminjhs

    How about a Distribution Company?

    Hello, I'm new to the forum so I'll start this post by introducing myself! My name is Benjamin, I am 22 years old and I live in Norway. I have a two-year business degree in Retail Management, and my dream and ultimately what I am going to do is building my own business. I have, like most of...
  6. Salama2017

    RANT Running Away From Alibaba and Amazon

    If you have read Unscripted, you'll understand why sourcing from Alibaba and then selling on Amazon is such a slow-lane idea. On page 249, MJ talks about how this idea violated the commandment of entry. I tried doing the same (sourcing from Alibaba and selling on Amazon) but stopped halfway. I...
  7. MoneyDoc

    For those that use Alibaba Trade Assurance

    Hey guys. Hope everyone is doing well. I know there's a lot of fastlaners that use alibaba for their businesses. I can imagine a lot of you use trade assurance as well, because it's 100% safe right? Well, no, it's not. As @Walter Hay mentions, there's A LOT of loopholes in the system and they...
  8. Studious Nomad

    About to start my first SAAS and I need Amazon Sellers to make it work

    So, I have a great idea that I think would solve a lot of problems for people launching products to amazon. As the market has become saturated with Aliexpress/Alibaba/Ebay items, I want to create a service geared towards those amazon importers that are currently branding and releasing new...
  9. MoneyDoc

    Quick shipping tip for those importing from alibaba and selling on amazon

    Quick tip/advice for those importing from alibaba and selling on Amazon. The questions been asked more than a thousand times: "should I ship direct to FBA from my supplier or should I ship it to FBA myself?" Similar to Amazon partnered carriers (deeply-discounted rates to ship your packages...
  10. 69charger

    Setting up an E-commerce store in a non-US country

    Hi everyone, my question is whether I could start and successfully monetize an ecommerce business over here in Hungary. My goal is to set one up while I'm still in college and scale it up so by the time I've graduated college I don't have to worry having to work a 9-5 job. So I believe that I...

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