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New guy

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Aug 19, 2007
Jacksonville, Florida
Hi everybody.

My name's Jason; I've known MJ since the RichDad forums about 3 years ago. I'm currently working on 2 different businesses. One is B2C and the other is B2B. My focus was on the B2C until MJ made me realize it was much easier selling to businesses as long as you could prove positive ROI. So now, I'm about 2 months from going live with a kickass Never-before-done web service for civil engineering firms that'll save them tens of thousands, and in turn hopefully make me a bit as well.

MJ, your advice is golden (if you don't remember me, I was the one a while back with the "grocery store idea" that you advised me on) and I'd love a copy of your book when it's all done.


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Fastane Legend. RIP.
Aug 2, 2007
Palm Beach, FL
Welcome to the forum Jason, and good luck with your business. :)


Bronze Contributor
Jul 24, 2007
Welcome Jason. Keep us posted on the progression of the businesses and good luck wtih them! I've been trying to think of some b2b ideas but they seem more difficult to come by because it's not a normal way you'd be thinking.

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