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WEB/DIGITAL Myspace Spam Marketing

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Bronze Contributor
Aug 28, 2007
Anyone familiar with this model

1. are the companies themselves doing this, or is it through and affiliate program?
2. what programs are they using to send these out?

Any feedback would be great.

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Oct 3, 2007
From what I've heard, you can get in alot of trouble doing that. I heard one company actually got taken to court. The spam messages are really annoying and they're so routine now that everyone just deletes the messages and goes on with their lives. I'm about to send a copy of "Guerillia Marketing" to these sites.


Bronze Contributor
Aug 28, 2007
I will grant you the annoyance factor, however if it is done through affiliates, my company (not those I am currently involved with) would not be suable as I my company would not be the one doing.

I researched two of the underlying companies. They both seem to have very good traffic, so their systems seem to be working.

If there is a system that works that can be exploited, why not?


Bronze Contributor
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Sep 15, 2007
Colorado Springs
Are you talking about the companies that are always phishing people's accounts and posting Marijuana and Penile Size Increasing suplement ads on my Myspace profile? LOL...

I hate those people! But you know someone is getting rich from it...

It is a fact they are usually illegal fishing to get people's accounts and post a lot of that crap, because I've had close friends post it on my page -- and when I talk to them, they have no idea what is happening... They change their PW and it stops.

- Hakrjak


New Contributor
Aug 31, 2007
Myspace spam, such as what you're talking about, is probably 95%+ affiliates. I'm sure there are some that are stupid enough to do it themselves... but, if they're getting taken to court, I doubt that'll last much longer.

I'm sure it's completely legal, and generally ethical if it's your Myspace account, and you're genuinely sending the recommendation to your own friends; but when someone hacks someone else's account to send such recommendations, that's where I'm sure it's illegal, and simply deleted.

But, there are a few programs out there now that will allow you to log into a Myspace account, and simply add friends. Since a lot of people on Myspace that just accept any friend requests they get, you can amass thousands of friends by doing this, and promote your products from there. They will usually be considered spam, still, but it can work, theoretically. Logically, however, people would probably not like your company or product so much, because they heard about it through spam.

I believe the program that I used when I was going to attempt this was something called Myspace Adder... or something like that. But, given a simple Google search, I see many different programs pop up, and I highly doubt it matters which one you use. It simply sends bulk friend requests, comments, and messages to people on Myspace. I never ended up actually using it, though, because I came to the realization that it wasn't really that good of an idea, in my opinion.

So, feel free to use it if you like, as an affiliate, all that would happen is you would be banned from the program at worst. But, if it's your own company, I wouldn't ever do something like that.


Aug 8, 2007
I will grant you the annoyance factor, however if it is done through affiliates, my company (not those I am currently involved with) would not be suable as I my company would not be the one doing.
You've got it backwards, though they may go after individual affiliates as well.

Alan at SE

Dec 15, 2007
i've looked into this...

i created a website for my BANs store that focused on a clothing line. i joined myspace and made a page fully dedicated to it and posted clothing style pictures that then linked back to my BANs store. what i did was use a program, (forgot which kind) and added random people and also people that were part of groups that were fans of that clothing line. the program itself was actually not that helpful since many users require you to type in a few characters to prove that you arent a spam robot. i did not step into the mass wall posting or mass messaging. from the few days that i had it, i recieved a good amount of traffic until i had to shut down my BANs store due to copyright infringement...

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