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My Story (26/Berlin)


New Contributor
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May 16, 2018
Hi everyone,

Before reading the book, i already collected a lot of doubts about my career ambitions. A few years ago, during undergrad studies in management, my dream was to become a successful strategy consultant, make lots of money, travel the world. Live the fancy life.

Part of this journey, i thought i would have to join one of the elite business schools out there. So for my masters, i took a financial risk and went to one of them. Before attending, i enjoyed life, have been focused, made many work experiences in Consulting, as a Growth Lead for a German startup, interned at SMEs and big corporations, became part of scholarship programs and lived/ worked/ studied/ travelled many countries largely on my own budget or through my own efforts. Although I am still proud of it, it doesnt feel that important anymore. Now, other things matter more. The many people i met in the industry working for these firms seem smart but so adjusted, so homogenous. Among many other reasons (this post shouldnt be too long i guess), i felt so in doubt of this path and were afraid of becoming the "same". I also feared to wake up one day and realise that i just did in life what everyone had expected me to do. Was that really all? I admit it was and is not easy to change sth i ve been working on for a long time now just to realize that behind the curtain it might not be as expected. In fact, the life imagined as such is still desirable but not if it means to sacrifice the own personality while working my a$$ off for someone else. Anyhow..
I came across Unscripted (and hence the forum) through a post in a post in a post on fb, saw an interview with @MJ DeMarco and decided to buy the audio version (it feels like the book wanted to be found by me). It has been eye-opening for me and i also want to thank you for it!

What now?
I changed my life for now, don't consider the big-paid consulting job as my best option anymore but instead joined my mother's business which she built on her own 27 years ago. She raised me on her own and sacrificed a lot in her life to offer me a lot. It feels time now to give back, especially since health started to become an issue.
It now runs well but time and expertise in how to grow the business have been the limiting factors for greater success. I thought: why would i want to join a "prestigious" company when instead i can help my mum succeed with her translation agency?

So yeah, according to "improvement" not necessarily "innovation", i look forward to the next adventure and to gain more experience!
It feels good to be here. :)
Until soon
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New Contributor
May 20, 2018
Great story. Something similar happenend to my mind while reading DeMarcos book. Its time to go another way.

Grüße aus der Nähe von München.

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