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My personal favorite way to be productive, motivated, disciplined and happy

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Johnny boy

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May 9, 2017
Washington State
I've always had lots of trouble staying focused. I would get very motivated for a very short amount of time, slip up and slide right back to laziness. I'm pretty certain every single person deals with this. Some live their whole lives at the bottom and don't care but that's not who this post is for.

This post is for the people just like me who KNOW they'd be better off getting up at 5am and working their butts off to build a great lifestyle for themselves so they don't have to live direct deposit to direct deposit like all of the other losers they grew up with.

All I did was a few little things and I'll explain why they work so well for me.

1. Plan out your ideal day. Hold nothing back. Calculate every detail like you had just one day on this earth to make it count. Getting up at 5am for a hard workout, working out, eating a protein-heavy breakfast, hitting the ground running and absolutely no wastes of time like video games or B-S apps on your phone. 100% balls to the wall.

2. Make that a challenge for 30 days.

3. Schedule the 1-2 weeks after your 30 days for eating what you want, watching tv, hanging out with friends, going on dates. etc.

Why this works so well:

Our days make us or break us. Our day-to-day lives separate dreamers from doers. A productive, focused, energy-packed day will get us miles ahead of everyone else.

Making it a challenge for 30 days will give you a reason to make no compromises. If you said "I'll live every day like this", then you'll eventually slip up, make little excuses, and forget about it altogether. You'll allow yourself getting up at 530, then 8, then noon, then you slept in bed all day and ate doughnuts...not if you only have to do it for 30 days. Your brain is comforted by the voice saying "It's only temporary" and you'll be solid as a rock.

30 days is enough time to get lots of momentum. You can accomplish so much in that time but its not so long that you lose motivation.

Setting a date in the future to pig out and relax is like reverse procrastination. They say tomorrow never comes and if you say "I'll relax tomorrow", you might just work your butt off to find that you don't want to stop working your butt off. "Dammit I forgot to sleep in today". You'll have to hold yourself back and actually TRY to be lazy now.

And that's it. I hope everyone has a good Saturday morning. It's 7am in Washington and I'm done working out, getting ready, writing a short little post and I'm about to spend all day working.

Extra: my personal rules for my 30 day periods of work. These are mine. They don't have to be yours.

5am wakeup no matter what
No girls, no hanging out, no "self-loving" either
No carbs or sugar of any kind
No games, BS apps, entertainment or any other wastes of time
Clean room, house, car, etc.
Only allowed 6 activities: Eating, sleeping, working out, working, researching, MMA training. (This forum would count under research.)

All of these are non-negotiable for me. It sounds tough and it is, but it's easier when you say "It's just temporary".

See ya in 30 days.


Moving Forward
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Jul 30, 2018
It’s tough for us serial procrastinators who have mastered the art of instant gratification. It’s a mindset that has plagued me forever, and I’ve put off starting over and over and over.

Even going balls-to-the-wall for only 30 days still seems like forever.

So I’ll offer a similar challenge for myself, and those like me...

Have just one hour of 100% focused, highly productive work, every day, for 30 days.

Determine the ONE THING that needs to happen to move the needle, and only work on that for an hour a day.

Or, what’s the 20% of your actions that’ll give you 80% of the results you want? Do only that.

The key here is to learn FOCUS and CONSISTENCY, a huge issue for procrastinators. Plus, EVERYONE can find an extra hour in their day.

And if you’re like me, you waste most of your day “working” at your desk, but never making anything happen, so it's ok to go for a walk and clear your head, then go back and tackle the problem.

The goal is to squeeze as much productivity out of your working hours as possible, and you might even find you want to keep working past the one hour limit.

"Your desk is for executing, not for thinking" ~Unknown


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Nov 10, 2015
There's a change in perspective that can fix this. My friend said this to me once:

"Rather than manage your time, manage your focus".

What this means is, pay attention to what you are paying attention to. If you have a big goal, you should always be thinking about it. It should always be I the forefront of your mind.

That's how you automatically manage your time - anything that does not lead towards your goal is a distraction, and gets filtered out. You keep the end point in mind and you keep moving towards it.

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