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My 13 steps...

Lucy Ladbrook

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Jan 22, 2018
Hertfordshire UK

I'm Lucy, I live in the UK close to London and I work in the family business when I'm not looking after my 3 children. Life has been pretty busy and stressful over the past 6 years (3 kids in 4 years eek) but through the sleepless nights, baby sick and poop I've never lost my drive and determination to build something worthwhile.

While sitting next to children for hours trying to get them so sleep I read. Tim Ferris, Tony Robbins, Rich Dad, Napoleon Hill etc etc. All brain food, but then I found MFL. Oh wow, what a book! Thank you MJ. I literally couldn't stop reading it! I was so excited I'm literally chomping at the bit to get going.

So right now I'm in the family food packing business. It's a good business and I love working in it, it's not glamorous like other jobs I've had but I can "get my hands dirty" and really get in to any part of the business and feel like I can create REAL value. It's a tough business and it's not fast lane yet. Some days it can feel like you just want to walk away, but I have committed and every part of me wants to make it great. I have a lot to motivate me.

My husband as a good, well paid slow lane job and we're a good team. He currently pays most of the bills but I want to change that!

It's really easy to make promises and not keep them so I'm hoping that by posting my updates on this site it will help to keep me focused. My first step is to take a leaf out of Frank Bettgers book and practice 13 virtues that I want to make habit over a 13 week period (and then repeat). So heres my list:

1) Adding Value: Look around me and find areas that I can add value. Home, work, friends, community. Look and find where value is missing and think how I can add it.

2) Ideas / Creativity: Exercise my idea muscle, 10 ideas a day on any given subject everyday. Practice problem solving and document ideas then take them to the next level (what would I do next to progress this idea)

3) Stop procrastinating: I get 1 day and 3 afternoons a week without children. Time is precious, stop putting things off and just do them. Good, speedy decision making.

4) Positivity: It's easy to start thinking negatively when you're in the house a lot with small screaming children. Frustration creeps in and you get angry and ahem, less than positive. This week will keep emotions real but focus on seeing the good in everything.

5) Confidence: I'm not very confident. Don't get me wrong, I like myself I just always want to be a better version of me. This virtue will help me to be more confident in my existing abilities while I grow new ones.

6) Improved communication: Focus on clearer communication, verbal and written. It is an art that fascinates me and I have yet to master how to communicate really well.

7) Risk taking: I like security, it makes me fell, well, safe. I need to learn to push myself more, get out of my comfort zone because I know when I do this I grow.

8) Planning: Get more organised!

9) Money management: Specifically cashflow. Master it.

10) Selling / sales: Study selling and improve my sales process.

11) Customer knowledge: Grow my understanding of each customer, they're wants, needs, problems. Think like them and feel like them so I can better understand them.

12) Market knowledge: Learn more about the wider market that we operate in. The technology, competitors, suppliers, politics etc.

13) Network / talk to people: I'm an introvert and like to hide behind an email if I can. This will get me to pick up the phone, get out there and talk to people.

So there we are. My 13 virtues. Wish me luck, I'll update you on my progress with this plus the business stuff on the way. Week one: Value woohoo!

Happy entrepreneuring all :) and I look forward to getting to know you all :thumbsup:
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Feb 7, 2018
Welcome, some very concise objectives there, and having a very strong reason why will help achieve each one.
Wish me luck, I'll update you on my progress with this plus the business stuff on the way. Week one: Value woohoo!

Good luck, looking forward to the updates.

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