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Looking for German business partner


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Sep 27, 2018
Hi all I currently run an online business in the uk and have seen that this might also be possible to replicate in Germany. I have no idea how to go about this as I have never done anything in another country before, plus would need people to be able to talk to local customers by phone, email etc

I am looking for someone who has some experience in business that is either based in Germany or has contacts in Germany that would be able to set up the relevant accounts and payment providers for this to work.

Ideally I am looking for someone that is entrepreneurial and is looking to start an profitable online business, so that we can work together for you to copy what I have done in UK in order to make it work.

Required from you to be setup in Germany:

To research if the market and laws would permit this business to run the same in Germany as it involves sale of electronic goods but it also charges administration fees for a service that can be done elsewhere for less.

On condition the above is all good then also:

To setup company

To setup bank accounts and payment processor

To find and setup a retail finance company for sale of goods via monthly direct debit

Get a small local team together for customer service via phone, email and chat

As this is a proven profitable business it should start making money straight away if the market is similar and works as it does in the UK, with good net profit potential for both of us.

If the above sounds like something that would interest you, and you have the skills please get in touch.

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Jun 28, 2018
Holbeach Hurn
This sounds like a really interesting problem, I've posted on this forum about my interest in Germany, I'm guessing you have a fair bit of data as well about the customers here.
It really is a case of translating to the lower context culture and different language.
In most cases, this shouldn't be too hard legally, while the UK is in the EU the services and goods are easy to send(you might want to look at an Irish supplier as a form of future-proofing though,that way you won't have to deal with a language barrier as much) An anglo-american style franchise agreement might be problematic, at least in Germany as there is no central government authority, you might want to consider an LLP instead
You can probably use the same payment processor(most of them have a Euro option.
Most of my German contacts are around Manheim (not far from Frankfurt)

I could probably give you an overview on the viability with my basic German, if you can share details about the company with me(feel free to PM if you want to keep it secret, I'm not going to steal it) My German is good enough to do some basic research on viability if I know the business plan and the numbers, and I maybe able to help you get it started.


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Sep 27, 2018
I am from germany and can help connect you with the right people / maybe even do it myself if I see a fit.

Hi Ben thanks for getting in touch, not sure how to PM on here can only see profile posts which others can see? might be as my account is new, anyway drop me a PM and can tell you more info.
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