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  1. S

    What corporation to choose living in Germany?

    I've read MJ's books and want to pursue entrepeneurship. In The Millionaire Fastlane, he speaks about which types of corporations are ideal, discussing their (dis-) advantages. Unfortunately, I don't live in the US, so I'm still kinda clueless. Are there any german people or even better people...
  2. ChristianGa0

    Apprenticeship as a waiter??

    Hello fastlaners Community! For my first thread on this forum I have a question regarding my apprenticeship as a waiter. I am currently 19 years old in Germany and doing a apprenticeship as a waiter. I have school 1 a week and I find it very useless and am not interested in listening because...
  3. C

    Looking for a partner in Germany

    Hi, I am looking for a business partner in Germany. The idea is to eventually develop an app. Now you don't have to be a coder, to me it's just important that you have adopted the fastlane mindset very very well. Send me a direct message if you're above the age of 24 and I can explain...
  4. L

    Are here any people from germany? :)

    Hey, just wondering if any people from germany are on this forum and if so. And if yes, whether this person would have lust on an exchange :) Kind Regards Lukas
  5. rum_julius

    Basel or Freiburg

    Hello guys, Is anyone here from Freiburg, DE or Basel, CH? If so, let's connect! I am from Schopfheim near Lörrach. Julius
  6. arkania_x

    I quit... and now what?

    Hey everyone, actually, I wanted to wait until I have read the books, and then introduce myself here. To then be able to talk properly. But after reading I would have had to think about the books first, let everything sink in. And, actually, I wanted to become an Insider in 2 weeks anyway, so...
  7. F

    Deciding on a Project to dedicate my Energy

    I'm currently in a phase where I'm searching for a project to dedicate my energy, time, and money. I'm interested in many topics and have many ideas, but am just unsure where to start. Currently, I'm still living with my parents (19 yrs old rn), however, I fully have their support right now. I'm...
  8. S

    Introverted Software Engineer with a bumpy course of life says hello

    Hello everyone, finally, I joined the forum and want to introduce myself. I am a Software Engineer from Germany, early 40s, introverted but not shy, with a well paying corporate job. Most of my peers would say I have a dream job. Problem: I am not happy with it. Here are some other...
  9. ygtrhos

    Anybody cold emailing in Germany / EU?

    Hello everyone! I have recently found out from credible sources that you cannot do cold emailing in Germany whatsoever, without having double opt-in. (even B2B) Has any one of you ever written cold emails to German customers? (adressed to person or generic) I would love to hear about your...
  10. M

    Intro: First motivated, then depressed and now trusting the process

    Hello Fastlane Community, before I introduce myself I would like to thank Mr. MJ DeMarco for his awesome books and creating this forum that has so much knowledge and power. I'm Max a 26 year old man from Germany. I read TMF in the end of 2016 and it changed my mind and my point of view of...
  11. GrandRub

    I moved to a wine-growing area - how to bring value to them?

    i live in a wine-growing area in germany. here you find a lot of winegrowers and everything that goes with it + tourists, especially from the usa and asia. I have an online shop in a completely different area that has absolutely nothing to do with it - but I think that is a huge...
  12. RisingStars

    Fastlaners from Hannover, Germany

    Hi Guys, I know the chance is slim but I am looking for fastlaners from or near Hannover, Germany. Experience level or type of business doesn't matter that much. Since I work from home (eCommerce) and don't get much social contact except my existing friends, I would like to find some like...
  13. Hijena1

    [Germany] Buying And Selling Anything

    Hello, I have searched the forum and cant find anything so i thought to make one. Moved to Germany 2 years ago and still looking for informations. Thinking to start reselling Apple products cuz I already have some money in my pocket and from what I see there is high demand but i dont know...
  14. B

    Looking for German business partner

    Hi all I currently run an online business in the uk and have seen that this might also be possible to replicate in Germany. I have no idea how to go about this as I have never done anything in another country before, plus would need people to be able to talk to local customers by phone, email...
  15. Kaizen502

    Hello from Germany! - Post-Grad Survival to Fastlane Business?

    # Tell us who you are, where you're from (don't lie), and what brought you here. I am 27 years old and will be 28 years in November. I am from Ulm, Germany and first heard about MJ and his first book TMF maybe 5 years ago. The title sounded intriguing so I put it on my to-read list over at...
  16. ygtrhos

    28 year old PhD Engineer

    Hello everyone, Honestly, I did not think I would write here for these reasons, but life happened to me when I was actually making other plans. I was born in Turkey. Not the animal one, but the country. My mom is a typical slowlaner, whereas my father had his own company, but lacked the vision...
  17. D

    18 y/o from Germany

    Hello everyone, my name is Dominik, I'm 18 years old and living near Lake Constance, Germany. I am currently in my senior year of what's propably the equivalent of High School in the U.S. and soon to be graduated. When I was 12 I started learning HTML with my best friend. We were inspired by the...
  18. G

    32yo quit his job in Cologne, Germany!

    Hi from Cologne, i have read TMF about 2,5 years ago and have to say that it's one of the best books (and audiobooks - MJ's audio-rec was the best ever!!!) I have ever read. I have been reading non-fiction books for a lot of years now, but only the last years completely changed my mindset...
  19. Eisenstein

    Next step!

    Hey guys! I am a 26-year-old student from Germany (soon to be graduated) and went through the Sidewalk to the Slowlane. So, first of all, I'm craving for a really rich and wealthy life (I hope it's okay to say it directly. In Germany you better don't say it loudly lol) with all opportunities...
  20. Alex Nolte

    moin moin from Hamburg

    For those wondering: "Moin Moin" is a common way to say hello in northern Germany. :p I'm Alex born and raised in rainy Hamburg in the north of Germany. I'm 17 years old and going to what you call a 'High School' in the US. So I'm currently sitting in the last year of the german high school...

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