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  • I had another 3 paragraphs to elaborate, but here is a limit to 420 chars. Can I contact you somehow, for advice or eventually a partnership. I have my effort, ideas, experience and connections, and respect for a system and process, but I need a talk with a real business developer like you, I believe you also would find my contact useful.
    Read your thread about the outsourcing company
    Have you thought about diversification - this brand to be competitive AND later building high quality outsourcing brand with very experienced developers, although a bit better paid - using cutting edge technologies. Brand for serious enterprise projects, consultancy for companies with existing infrastructure but in need for dedicated quality solutions ... 420 chars
    If you are interested in setting up the structure for offshore holding company, let me know.
    Bobby, not sure how I missed your comment, but I am seriously thinking about doing this for my IP, not sure how or what I can do it with, but definitely something I want to look into.
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