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Looking For Advice + Things To Learn From My Current Failure


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May 9, 2018
Hey Fastlaners I'm looking for some guidance after literally doing EVERYTHING wrong in the book, and now suffering from a terrible job left by some developers I hired..

So I was referred by my Brother, to a client who currently owns a Supplement store, as well as a Meal Prep Company.

I was creating a brand-new Website, I told them they should do it on Wordpress, since it allows them to easily do SEO to their website upon completion.

They already have had an existing Shopify store, so they literally just wanted to replicate it out, but add more functionality, and a couple new features.

This was my second client ever, I'm literally brand new to this Digital Marketing game. I was running with a business model where I outsource the Website to a development team in India, and be the 'Project Manager' for the whole project, while I upsell them to my services such as SEO, Facebook Ads etc.

Our initial deadline was 2 months, however the website itself took 5 months to complete, and the budget for the website jumped up from $3,000 to $5,000.

I literally worked on the website for 5 months, and ended up with $0 from the project, and a website that still had a bunch of bugs, and a website which quality was overall crap.

It's the 5th month now, and I haven't been able to deliver, and now I'm almost out of options.

I am still suffering from the terrible coding my devs left on the website, trying to get things fixed, yet when I try to outsource it to some new devs, it takes them AGES to do simple fixes due to the complexity of the code.

Right now I'm at a cross roads. They've given me till next Friday to fix ALL of the changes, and at least get the website functional.

They have $500 AUD left in the budget.

What I tried to do was leverage my skills for Social Media Management & SEO + Content Writing, to get them on a 'Social Media Package', and use that money to fix the website.

I've offered to work for free, literally using the money being spent on social media management to fix their website.

However if I can't come up with the changes, and get an actual functional website working, the plug will be pulled, and I lose a very good client (my aim was to work with these guys long-term).

This road was literally full of mistakes, that could've been avoided if I had more experience, or got some advice. But I really am looking for a way to deliver here.

Basically, what I'm thinking of doing is pulling out money out of my own pocket to get the website re-coded, and getting them on a social media package, to earn that money back that was invested into the website overtime.

They were willing to work with me to drive SEO & Content on the website, but that won't be possible if the website is not functional.

The reason why I'm pushing so hard is that if I can deliver, there is so much room for potential to earn more than what I invest.

They'll be needing a website for their Supplement store, as well as some help with Social Media & SEO, as well as the fact that I was referred by my brother, makes it all the more worth while.

What would you do in my shoes?
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