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New Contributor
Mar 10, 2019
Hey all, just stumbled across this forum by chance in some searching and thought it sounded like the right sort of community for me. I've been entrepeneurial since I left school and have tried many ventures over the years, all of which - for various reasons - didn't end well. I've paid for my education in life and business by a catalogue of mistakes but it's all learning and I'm still standing.

Finally, I look to have a successful business starting up in the Premium Bottled Cocktail market and so looking to do everything possible to make this one a huge success. I've downloaded the books so will read them as soon as I can but just wanted to say hi and looking forward to chatting to as many of you as possible and being part of each others success journey.

Enjoy your sunday!

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Aug 6, 2017
New Mexico
Welcome to the tribe! What's your next step, and how can we help you?


New Contributor
Mar 10, 2019
Welcome to the tribe! What's your next step, and how can we help you?

Hey NM, thanks for the welcome!

My next step is trying to determine the best way forward to get this business launched and growing. The current situation is I have a product I am very happy with, I know the industrialisation process to scale up, I have the contacts, suppliers and logistics all planned out as well as financials and they work beautifully.

The problem is however, I have not launched and I have no sales as of yet. So cash to invest in the business is very limited. My challenge is how, with limited resources, to launch this company live and get the sales rolling in - so that I can scale up rapidly to the level I already have the contacts in place to support. There are a lot of contracts I could go after which would require a good volume of stock and production in place, which isn't possible without cash injection to fund this. Also having a track record is important - so big companies don't have to take such a big punt on me.

I can scale up enormously in a short period of time and once I hit that sweet spot, it's a whole new ball game with volumes, profits and being able to re-invest in my own plant, buying out other companies and expanding to other markets. It's just hitting that sweet spot that feels difficult right now, much like launching a rocket into outer space to go to Mars. Only 1% of the distance is between the earths surface and orbit but thats the hardest part to get out of. Once you overcome gravity and get to orbit, the rest of the journey is a different story.

If I had £200-300k to throw at this, I could create the stock, the marketing and get this thing cooking at a good temperature, but I do not have that money to spend.

I also don't want to hit farmers markets and spend 5 years trying to get a loyal hipster following and then try and somehow break into a higher gear from measly profits over 2-3 years. I want the fast lane.

So the biggest question I have is, how do I, with a great product, branding in the works but no sales as of yet, get to a position rapidly without a lot of cash myself to put into it, where I can do this business justice and start operating at a level that will make fast lane life possible for me. Do I raise capital? How can I do that pre-launch with no sales? Do I affiliate? Do I find a mentor/business partner? What other ways could I use to hit the road with all cylinders firing, rather than the slow 2-3 year grind that a lot of food and beverage startups do to try and get a foot in the door?


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Jul 19, 2017
Solving Pain
Just remember... comfort only gets you somewhere if others depend on you for it.

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