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INTRO Long live to Cascais - my introduction

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Apr 21, 2018
My name here is Classmate,

You can call me Cascais. It's my surname. You can call me whatever, idc.

I'm 21 years old and in college, and I will be here for a while.
I would like to have some kind of a side hustle, but I need college to have the knowledge and the skills necessary to understand technology, I will dive in that in a second.
I am taking Electrotechnical engineering and my interests are between computers engineering and/or Data Science (because it's Machine Learning component). Let's see what the future holds.

My idea is that we're going to the economy of knowledge, therefore I need to know a lot of tech, business and sales, and having a grasp of economics.

I feel I already know enough to put into action. Economics is okay. Sales, not so much. Business is okay (the theory, ofc).

The only thing that lacks me now is tech, ironically - because I need to be at a very high level because I want to work with MR (mixed-reality), which is pretty cutting-edge(kind of). There are a lot of people who can teach me a lot about what I need to learn in my college.

But I can start already and learn simultaneously because I already know the basics, and I know how to program and I already understand the general picture of a lot of tools (what we need to use, why, and what is possible and what is not executable, how an engineer thinks, etc.).

Yes, college doesn't teach shit about business(despite that my university is pretty practical), and I see almost all my classmates as empty brains.

That's why I am here. Thank you, members of this awesome community!

A couple of years now, but without saying a word. Why? I didn't know anything.

Right now is the opposite. Yes, in my HS I did a pretty good job liberating some projects. I even tried to fund a civic movement in the political arena (there are still people who listen to me on this, thanks followers (100? people, I don't know)), but nothing special to be honest with you.
I was shit at my HS (for the HS patterns I was very good - the top of my class an everything - for my own patterns, I was shit).

I read a lot of books - including Fastlane, in my HS. But I was still trying to "fit in" with society. Terrible mistake.

I am involved in an international no-profit association who tries to empower college education and tights the relationship between college students and enterprises (we sell packages of events, marketing, and so on - if you want to recruit in our campus, contact me for a better chance).

I already did some sales and marketing job there, for a couple of events, including helping the administration. There are some soft skills and other skills important you can develop there, you just need to be careful to not waste time with slow-lane people, even for slow-lane standards.

This association is important because it gives you networking with companies, including the best incubator in the country. I already have some contacts.

If you gain access to the incubator, you gain access to one of the best brains both in tech and in business, and probably funding. If you have networking, and a good idea, you can have at least feedback on how to improve yourself to gain access. Once I am in a different group of people, I abandon this association.

Despite that, I don't have anything.

To sum up: I have nothing.
I have an idea, some networking, a plan. Some scratch here and there. But it's basically zero.

I spent my last 3 years trying to maintaining an amorous relationship, dealing with my parents' divorce, my grandfather death, one stupid process in court (as a testimonial, but who dumped my credibility and made me lost all the "friends" I had). I am tired.

I have some ideas for the future, so let's create this.

I feel I have been working for everyone except myself, to receive peanuts in return.
Right now I don't need anyone. Throw me into a cave isolated and put me into work.
I just need to be with people who can teach me things I need to learn, not anything else.

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