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Jun 20, 2017
hello. i found the forums a while back. since then i read a lot, programmed many projects, got stronger.
2 reasons i am here:

- i enjoy the process of building. i have specific ideas i want to concretize.

- lately, and as usual when i have the time to read about and reflect on world affairs and myself, anguish gets to me.
not to expand this point too much, but it somehow led me to the idea that struggle between what is immoral and good has always been and has to be.
there are few things within one's control, they should be the focus, with the necessity of accepting the ways of the world, the current state of all affairs and renewing hope while maneuvering through it. mentally wrestling with an endless supply of evil events will you a constant heartburn, a black outlook on the world, and turn you into a mad individual.
so if i am to do some good (and if i am not lying to myself about my intentions :p ), the way to go is to put my skills to use and try to do good.

it sounds silly and vague said like this, but i was under pressure to reflect on this point.

i want to build and learn. let's go.

Arun Siva

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Aug 31, 2016
Seems like you joined last year, have you made any progress in regards to your process in the past year ?


Jun 20, 2017
no. i registered and did not post (nor visit) afterwards. my first process thread is here.

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