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Learning Never Ends

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New Contributor
Oct 5, 2011
Several months ago I was in despair. I killed the pity party and began looking for the path of least resistance. Inventions, websites, businesses...none of these were working at the pace I desired....none of these have been abandoned but my focus shifted to something that keeps my attention and that I am passionate about, the ultimate path of least resistance, the stock market. After two years of emotional trading I stumbled upon the information I needed to make successful trades. I will not share that info here other than to say I looked to the east and discovered a 400 year old tried and true 70% accurate method. No method is fool proof but here are the results of my last three trades:

Bought 400 sh. FTR @ $3.56 ($1423)- Sold 400 sh. FTR@ $4.30 for total of $1712.96 +$289.96 up 20%

Bought 22050 GRNH @ $.0157 ($344.94)- Sold 22050 @ $.032 total of $695.05 +$350.07 up 109%

Bought 17000 MJNA @ $.0829 ($1408.64)- Sold 17000 @ $.142 total of $2394.87 +$986.23 up 70%

I risked minimal amounts on these trades but I had the confidence to risk much more and now that I have removed emotion from my trading it won't be long before old Chuferd is in your rear view mirror and closing like a bat out of hell!

MJ DeMarco

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Jul 23, 2007
Fountain Hills, AZ
the stock market.

The stock market definitely has its ways to "school" you.

Hope your system works for the long run as penny stocks can be dangerous. But then again, all stocks are dangerous if you don't know what you're doing.

I looked to the east and discovered a 400 year old tried and true 70% accurate method.

The Art of War for the Trader? :)

Congrats on being out there and doing something.


New Contributor
Jan 19, 2011
With all the robo-trading and computer bots that make the market so volatile, i would RUN not walk from day trading.. it wont end well.

I wish you the best of luck, but these markets are such a unique beast... until a per share tax or tick limits are implemented, this is NOT a true "market to raise equity for businesses" this is las vegas gambling on roids...

mark cubans blog covers this well: What Business is Wall Street In ? « blog maverick


New Contributor
Oct 5, 2011
I feel privileged to have a response from you sir. I spend 5-7 hours per day researching. After 2 solid years I have formulated a plan based on tried and true methods of the Japanese rice traders, the inventors of candlestick charting. Here is a good example. On 9/27/12, 3D systems (DDD) pulled back to $33 from $44 (after running up from $15 on 1/1/12). Being that I was locked in a trade already, I was unable to participate but DDD is now at $46, a 39% increase. I was able to identify that a pullback was near at 44 in late August. I told my wife that DDD would test the low thirties and then begin a new up trend. The indicators are not fool proof, they simply improve the probabilities.


New Contributor
Oct 5, 2011
I would like to say that I am not a day trader but I will trade out in the short term to take a profit. I am a trend buyer, not trader. I understand the only real thing there is to understand about equity markets which is that institutional money drives prices. I alone do not have the ability to buy or sell 5 million shares at a time but Blackrock and State Farm insurance, among others, do. Institutional money is what I like to call "show me" money. Institutions will very rarely invest in a development stage company because there are no profits but the day the institutions get wind that a company puts it all together and begins selling widgets, they start filing in. So what does that mean to me? There are no less than a hundred websites where you can get free education on investing, I spend 5-6 hours a day absorbing everything I can for free. The free knowledge that is out there is simply mind blowing. Here are the two catch phrases I love most. A rising tide lifts all boats....The trend is your friend. I use the infinite free info to identify future trends and I invest modest amounts. In other words I put my little dingy boats in the water. Will I be correct? I have built a portfolio to hedge my bets. The cornerstones are a utility fund with a proven track record and a heathcare reit right smack dab in the middle of all the aging babyboomers. The speculative plays are in Pbc batteries, rare earths, marijuana, graphite (and/or graphene) and the Powershares Wilderhill Clean Energy fund, the oldest fund in cleantech. I have paid some market tuition also to the tune of a paltry $2000. I learned early on in this thing not to go into business with companies using government grants and I learned about penny stock pump and dump schemes using newsletters. Now, I'm just waiting on the tide!

One more note on investing. I have come to find out that if you are going to try to beat the institutional investors into a stock, you are going to have to beat them by years, not days or weeks. This requires diligent research and great patients along with a healthy dose of risk.


Jun 15, 2013
Its true there is no end of learning. You learn all your life. It's not necessary that you learn from schools and Universities. You learn from your job, you learn from your daily dealings with people, you learn from relations and you learn from the mistakes. The learning process continues all life.
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