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IT Business (looking for concept feedback).

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Feb 6, 2018
My current job is in IT support. The company I work for, is an IT outsourcing company. So our clients are all companies that don't have their own IT department (or maybe only have like one IT 'responsible' )

I know companies pay allot of money for 'fake' work, 'unnecessary' work or work that could have been avoided. I know the inside workings of over 10 IT companies (because I worked in them, or close friends work there). They all let clients pay this kind of money for this kind of work.

[Disclosure: To give you some idea about money standards in my country: I now earn 2000 EUR / month after taxes, Basic rent for appartment/house is 400-800 EUR. ]

* Fake work: Paying 250 - 300 EUR for fully prepping a new PC for a new user. The bill says 3h of work. But with a deployment server, some scripts,.... it is al automated and takes maybe 10 minutes. Yes, setting up and maintaining such a server takes some time to. But even with those added hours the leverage you have is huge.

* unnecessary work: Mostly administration because of bad documentation, lack of info,....

* Work that could have been avoided: Peope call that they don't receive any mail anymore. We take over a screen, see that the problem is not local. We check the mailservers, and then we find that on 1 server, 1 hard disk is almost full. We clean up the disk or expand it and give feedback to users. Just have some monitoring tool, and way before any user has a problem, we could have prevented this issue.

Most clients are ignorant. But not all. So some clients ask us to set up monitoring tools, deployment tools, inventory systems, asset mangement system,... There are good, free, open source tools for that, but you need "know how" to set it up and do maintenance. At the company I work for, I set up these systems. Of our 250+ clients, maybe 10 have such systems. It cuts their bill in half, so we don't promote this. On the bright side, they do pay also a nice fee to set it up and maintain. But again, we ask a monthly maintenance fee, even if i only need 1 hour a month for a customer (and the fee is often 5-10x hourly fee).

So my business idea:
Go to companies, ofter to take a look at their IT bill and help them save money by using the right tools that I setup and maintain. The best thing about is, is the salespitch that in the end, they save money:
Current Bill > (Bill after my intervention) + my expenses.

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Jan 22, 2014
Vancouver, BC
I agree that is pretty shady to charge for 3 hours for 10 minutes of labor.

On the flip side, regarding the monthly maintenance fee, if it's priced like that it's probably sold as an "insurance policy" where typically only 1 hour a month is spent but if something goes wrong and they spend 20 hours there is no extra charge. It evens out in the end, in my experience, the businesses we work with really appreciate having a fixed monthly rate rather than pay less then pay 20x one month.

Unless you have ran an IT company, how would you know the cost of doing business well enough to go judge other people's IT bills and sell them services? I think you would be surprised. Lots of techs think they know enough to go on their own and make bank. Good barrier to entry but not for the faint hearted.

That's not to say you couldn't have a fun consultancy on your hands. Bad documentation, lack of process management.. I think there's a lot of space to consult for IT companies to make them more efficient. Especially if you personally know 10 that are operating sloppily.

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