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WEB SCHOOL Is this how you make sites that SELL?

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Feb 2, 2017
my house
This answer was very important to me, so thank you!

You are right, I should have rephrased it as "helping people buy". I think when I said "selling", some people thought of eCommerce, or sites that directly sell, like landing pages.

Here's the thing though, I can help people buy for any business that doesn't have a website. How does your company pick and choose?

I know @Fox says to solve business problems. Well, would helping people buy be a major problem that I could solve?

For example, I wanted to do a local coffee shop. They don't have a website, although they have a Facebook page. However, would a website help people buy? I think so.
How do I choose? Well, my background is in construction so I mostly work with construction businesses. It took me a long time to figure out how to make it in this market. The key was talking to people. It sounds like that's where you need to start as well.

Just talk to people. Ask them about the challenges they're facing. Ask them how they think they might solve their problems. When you get experience with websites then you'll know what problems you can help solve and which you can't.

For example, I had a lead come in last week for a home inspection service. They wanted backlinks for SEO... They thought they knew what they needed so they called my SEO company. After 2 minutes on the phone asking him questions about his business I knew that SEO was not what he needed. He wants to work with realtors. How many realtors do you think are Googling for "home inspector?" Probably not enough to make a serious investment in SEO worthwhile, at least not in the short run. So, I told him, if I were him, I would call all the realtors in the various cities I wanted to work in and tell them I'm available.

I gave him an idea that I'm sure would help solve his immediate problem. It's not a service I offer so I didn't offer to take his money.

Now, another guy called me an hour ago and said he's spending 1800/mo on HomeAdvisor and barely breaking even. He's in a rural area and doesn't have a website. In 10 minutes I told him how I would get him set up to get his own leads and after a few months be saving 1500/mo and be getting high quality leads. This one is a no brainer. He would benefit from my services big time and the project would be easy for my team to deliver. Since I do this exact kind of project all the time I could explain it quickly. (HE found me on Youtube so he already had an idea about what I do)

That's how I choose who to work with. People come to me and I talk to them to figure out what their real problems are.

I recommend a book called The Win Without Pitching Manifesto. It's 100% the best book that describes my approach to selling websites.

A final thought is that you might be afraid to talk to people or unsure how to approach people. I would say, don't be afraid. People are excited when others are interested in what they're up to. Just don't make it about selling them anything. Be genuinely interested in learning about them and tell them that. Sometimes I hit people up on Facebook and say, "Hey, I'm writing an article about your type of business and would love to ask you some questions about your thoughts and opinions on your industry." You wouldn't believe how many people are excited to answer questions and be a part of an article.

If you have an idea about a niche, talk to people in the niche. Keep talking to people until you could easily write a description of the average person in that niche. When you understand them as well as they understand themselves, it's easy to see where the opportunities are.

And yes, pick a freakin niche. Read that book. Good luck.

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