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INTRO Introduction - 28 y/o Engineer

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Brock Larson

New Contributor
Jun 21, 2018
Hello everyone,

I am 28 years old - with a MS degree in Mechanical Engineering. I have spent 5 years working in a manufacturing environment. After just a few years in this environment, I came to many of the same conclusions that Unscripted taught me. Trading my time for money is not an acceptable option for me (or my family). It makes zero sense to me to put all my energy into this job instead of into my own business. This eventually led to several books, then the unscripted book, and now here. My plan is to pay off my wife's student loans before leaving my current job to pursue my business adventures. This will be done within a year.

The problem - I am having a very hard time deciding what I would like to do. It seems I have lost my imagination and I'm not sure where along the way I lost it... Now, I'm sure this is a common problem, so before you degrade me for this I have a back-up plan - which goes into a little detail below. I am looking for help from people who have taken the leap and travelled this path before because I am really struggling to generate ideas and am looking for advice.

I will say that whenever I think of something I write it down immediately and have generated a few serious ideas but I don't think I am generating ideas fast enough to hit my timeline. After reading the book, I have a new outlook on what I should be looking for - how to create value (not money) which has accelerated my idea generation but what else can I be doing? How did you come up with your business idea or product? How did you know to pull the trigger on your one idea versus another? What told you it was worth spending the time on this idea and taking the risk? etc...

My general plan - Once I hit the six month mark on the student loans, I plan to start formulating a business plan and executing it shortly after the loan is complete. Plan A - start or buy a business - I currently don't like any of the ideas I have enough to pull the trigger (that's why I am here!). Plan B - if I don't have that idea yet, I plan to start with rental properties and go from there.


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Oct 3, 2015
Phoenix, AZ
Welcome aboard, from a fellow nerd.

The single most important thing is to get in motion. Don't wait six months, just start moving right now.

Find something you're not using and sell it. Stop at a garage sale and find something under market value (that people actually want, and that's the key) and flip it.

Momentum is the most important resource for the entrepreneur. Inertia applies just as well to human psychology as it does the motion of bodies through space.

My personal opinion on rental properties, and it's just an opinion - albeit one based on personal experience, is that it's a great vehicle for wealth protection but not as efficient for wealth building.

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