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New Contributor
Jan 9, 2019
Hello everyone, i just registered in the forum (even though i already looked at some of the threads).

I'm 22 and i'm from France, I'm currently a software developer (i was an electrical engineering student 5 months ago).
I came in this forum because i've read "The millionnaire Fastlane" and i'm currently reading "UNSCRIPTED" and i just love these books, it was eye opening for me.

I'm not gonna lie, my job right now isn't too bad (it isn't great either) but let's says i'ts convenient, because i leave close to the office.
As a former student (NOT in debt) my salary isn't too bad so i could probably live like that without much difficulties.

However since reading MJ's book and currently reading one, i can see that living like that isn't what i really want (i can do it but it's just .. boring i should say), it isn't enough for what i want to achieve.

I want to achieve more, i want to be able to help my family and especially my parents before they die, I need to do more than just a 9-5 job to do that, just surviving isn't enough.

I'm starting to look at more and more threads because there are a lot of possibilities to become an entrepreneur, i'm still hesitating as to what i should do right now, I know that i need to start and act to see results and progress but i still need to learn some things especially in the legal area.
What can i do and how should i do it here in France ? that's what i'm thinking about right now.

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New Contributor
Jan 9, 2019
Hello, Thank you for your reply, you're right, i should just start already and learn things as i progress.
I already tried some freelancing the problem is it took a lot of time (less time to think about a business).

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