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Introducing myself


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Dec 9, 2017
Hey everyone, first off want to wish everyone happy holidays!

My name is Mike and it's by pure coincidence I came across MJ DeMarco's book Unscripted on amazon. I took a chance on it and over half way through it (I'll be finished with it today). A little bit about myself: I did 6 years in the army as a 19D Cavalry Scout, deployed to Iraq, and when I got out got my degree in chemistry. I'd like to say I left debt free but I did pay a price by 6 years of service and putting my life on the line so it wasn't "free."

Anyways I'm really starting to see an impact on my thought process and instead of starting my business with a "money chasing" mentality I'm trying to redirect my focus on how does this business of mine add value...which as dumb as it sounds something I should have been thinking about the whole time. I guess this is part of the breaking the Scripted dialogue/thoughts and going to an Unscripted one where we need to create value and love creating that value.

I don't want to ramble on but I do have a question if I may ask in my introductory message. When reading the book Unscripted I was at the chapter where he mentions meaning and purpose, when asked what was mine I honestly had to take a moment to think about it and almost got depressed because I had an oh crap moment and realized I had none. So I took my dog for a car ride and realized a reoccurring theme I had since I was a kid that still sticks with me today (31 years old)...I want to have total control of my life and not have to answer to anyone, in a sense autonomy. My business idea (which we don't have to get into) is just a means to get there but does incorporate something I'm passionate about, but not my end all be all passion. I guess my question and I'd even ask what's your meaning and purpose, is it alright that my meaning and purpose in life is to have complete control over my life? I don't want to bash productivity but I feel productivity/value to me is a means for freedom? When asked what I'd do if I had a billion dollars and after I traveled, bought my dream house, my 67 Shelby mustang, what would I do with my life?...honestly my answer to that was "whatever I want." Freedom is the goal.

I rambled on too much! It's great to be part of this forum and I look forward to hearing about everyone's journey and wish you all the best of luck in your success!
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