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Bronze Contributor
Mar 25, 2008
My wife has been a member here for a while now.

We're currently in the right hand lane with an eye in the mirror and the left signal on.

Here's kinda where we are and what we are working on now:

First, we left being entrepreneurs for a while - 20 hr days and seeing our 's' fall apart whenever we had to leave town kinda drove us back to consulting for a while. We want to move back shortly to having an S that rapidly becomes a 'B' in our spare time.

Neither of us is up for the 'tighten the belt to fund your fastlane project' route right now. Our reality is that we've reached a fairly comfortable place by getting back in the rat race for a while and while we hate trading hours for dollars we're getting an exchange rate worth tolerating right now, at least for a while. The past decade several years have been stressful in 100 ways so we're enjoying a little bit of the rewards we've worked for but trying to keep the urgency that got us from a constant state of "Oh Crap!" to having a little breathing room.

So... Our 'middle lane, left blinker on" plan looks somewhat like:
A. Our golden goose right now is our consulting, it's laying a $400k/yr egg right now so we don't want to lop it's head off without a bit of planning.
B. Meanwhile we are studying two paths to our exit strategy...
1. We're ready to pull the trigger on some investment real estate. My better half has been working with some here on that and
2. The two of us, along with two guys I work with are in the beginning stages of putting together a subscription web-based software service. This is the one that has me itching to get going. Somewhat of a picks and shovels idea that will aid others in their search for gold.

I hope to get a lot of idea here and hope to be able to offer up some useful advice to others. We have a good deal of experience in developing a brand, designing and launching a product, e-tailing, ebay and some general micro-biz knowledge.

One of the holdups for me is that I just returned to consulting six months ago after a 7 year hiatus in entrepreneur land. I was supposed to return as a grunt frontline guy but ooops, they lied, I wound up running a big project first time out of the gate. As a result I can't really go thru the motions and keep my hair from catching on fire right now.

Areas where I can and enjoy help out other members would be in creating the branding, messaging and elevator pitch on an idea. Just hope to learn a bunch and contribute more than I take here.
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Bronze Contributor
Mar 25, 2008
Yeah, Slim... I'm the lucky owner of that beer and pancake breakfaster.

Well, we had a long talk today with two guys who I work with regarding the dotcom idea we have going. I would normally see 'partner' as a four letter word but in the past we've been wildly successful in some areas but in others we fell flat on our face.

I think we have a very sound idea for a subscription based software service, wife and I are pretty strong in the vision & marketing side but I am lousy as a detail person. My two co-workers are ambitious and smart and highly skilled IT folks.

So right now we are outlining what I hope is a 2-3 year plan to take the boss to lunch, buy him a beer and break the news that one of his key delivery teams has decided to spend their days elsewhere...

Once we're closer to having a prototype up I'll be pinging you guys to shoot holes in it.

Appreciate the welcome and am impressed by the calibre of folks here... a whole forum with no virtual monkey poo throwing contests? What a lovely idea that is!
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Silver Contributor
Speedway Pass
Jul 26, 2007
Hi there! Glad to have you- your wife is awesome and I had a great time meeting her.


Bronze Contributor
Mar 25, 2008
Thanks for the welcome :) She came home from BP so excited I guess it was contagious :)

...She enjoyed meeting you folks too :)
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Bronze Contributor
Mar 25, 2008
You have no idea whatsoever....

10 years, many good times, a few bad times, zero boring times

MJ DeMarco

Staff member
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Summit Attendee
Speedway Pass
Jul 23, 2007
Alpine, UT
Welcome to the board and thx for your great contributions already.
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