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  • Hey Bobo, Thanks for all the advice and knowledge that you have contributed here. Thanks for the rep also!

    Have a good one!

    Sent you a PM last weekend but realized you might not check PMs often since you left a note on my wall, so figured I'd let you know here in case.
    Thanks for the speed. Been travelling for the past 2 weeks and not on the forum and feeling withdrawel a bit.

    I REALLY get effen sick of this 'wealth guilt' issue. I know we have to stay away from all the good topics on the forum (politics, sex and religion), but I really believe this guilt over wealth issue is religious AND political issue. Every world religion that I am aware of teaches sacrifice as a virtue. Bullshit.

    And govt does its best to redistribute the wealth from the productive to the non productive members of society. It seems we have a broken philisophical issue here as these things continue to be allowed because we continue to let preachers to make us feel bad for not paying him a $100k salary and we vote in politicians who continue to rob us of our wealth.

    I have basically said, F*ck it, I'm out. Now my residence, business, citizenship and money are all in different countries. No one lays claim over me anymore.

    Sorry, still on my philisophical rant...
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