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In the fastlane, now I need speed up

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Bronze Contributor
Speedway Pass
Jan 3, 2019
Hi all.

I read Millionaire Fastlane and it really changed my life. I have always sought freedom and this book opened my eyes, and that I had studied the useless degree in Business Administration.

I have read some posts of this forum and I feel like at home, I really appreciate it since the interests are getting farther and farther away from my slowlane environment.

A couple of years ago I left a big financial institution to manage my own trading fund, at the moment it's not bad, but for the typical US funds, mine is being still very small, it will be a long-term project, minimum 4-6 years until we have a good tracking record and give confidence to customers to put the money.

That's why I'm thinking how to accelerate this path. I think there's a need in financial education and that's why I thought of a content blog, although I think a blog it's not the best business to make money, if you do it right, it can offer you money, like The Best Investment Reviews, Promotions and Education | Investor Junkie
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Bronze Contributor
Speedway Pass
Jan 3, 2019
I'm reading again TMF and I'll follow Chapter 44 advise "Choose monogamy over polygamy". I really like this sentence "The richest people in the world got rich by focusing on one core purpose, not by diverting focus".

Best accelerator is focus.

Thank you MJ, I will never stop learning from you.


Bronze Contributor
Speedway Pass
Jan 3, 2019
After almost year and a half with the fund things move forward but slowly. Last year was a complicated year for the stock markets and that made the plan slow down.

Today the income is low, I can live with them in a sufficient way. This business takes time and trust. I have good contacts but until it takes 2 or 3 more years demonstrating good performance, they will not invest in the fund.

Therefore, because it is a semi-passive activity, I sometimes think about creating another business. I could get 3-4 hours of work every night and more on weekends.

But when I analyze it in depth and I take into account MJ's great advice of "choose monogamy over polygamy" and I think in the long term of 3-4 years, this business is practically insurmountable due to my skills and my contacts.

I would appreciate any thought or idea. I imagine simply that the first two or three years I have to endure and be totally focused on this until the business grows.

Thank you, and have a nice weekend.

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