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Implications of Google Trends for my Website/Business

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Robin Andrews

New Contributor
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Jun 16, 2019
I did a comparison of "Python course" and "Python Video Course" on Google trends.


Firstly I was surprised by how low the numbers for "Python course" were, peaking around 100 searches a week, if I'm reading that correctly.

Secondly, there were no searches for "Python Video Course".

That seems pretty surprising, but I assume the trends tool is correct.

So what are the implications for my Python Video Courses page here: Python Video Courses - Compucademy and more generally for having Python video courses be one of the main components of my business?

In terms of just the page, should I optimize it for just "Python course" instead of "Python video course" with on-page SEO and when I promote on social?

In terms of my business, is the search volume an indication that Python video courses may not be very lucrative?

Any input much appreciated.

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Gold Contributor
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Mar 1, 2016
If i recall correctly, those numbers (blue in your case) are relative, not absolute.

So for example 80 in your screen shot isn't 80 searches per month but
ratio of 80:1 of "python course" searches vs "python video course" searches.


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Jan 27, 2020
Boston, MA
@Kid is right - the numbers are relative. Think in percentages.

The 100 is 100% - that day represents the highest search volume has ever been for that term. The 50 means 50%, or half as much traffic as the highest day.

For example, if it got 1000 searches on Monday and 500 searches on Tuesday, then Google Trends would show 100 for Monday and 50 for Tuesday.

In short: Google Trends is not telling you the number of searches. It is just giving you a general idea of the search term's popularity over time.

The 0 for "python video course" probably means the searches are low (not zero) compared to "python course".

Even if the search volume on Google is low, it might not mean there is no market demand. It might just mean that people go to Udemy, Coursera, etc. and then search for "python course" on that site, which does not count as a Google search. They are probably still expecting a video component to the course, though.

See what your competition looks like on those sites, and see if there is a gap you can fill. I would be very surprised if there is no demand for such a course, but the only way to find out is to engage the market and keep digging.

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