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I'm new here (well, new to posting - I've been lurking for a while!). Just introducing myself and where I'm at

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Aug 3, 2020
Hi all

My name's Ryan and I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that I've wanted to be an entrepreneur from an early age, but I struggled to take any consistent action on my ideas.

Slowly but surely, I found my way into the rat race and a "comfortable" but unfulfilling career… that was over 10 years ago now!

It certainly wasn’t my intention to end up where I am. In-fact, it feels like the rat race kind of snuck up on me somehow (although ultimately, I know it was my own choices that led me here).

It’s not all bad news though! That entrepreneurial spirit is still there, and lately it’s been keeping me up at night knowing that I have more to give.

I’m glad it’s making me feel that way too! It’s been adding fuel to the fire, and I’m finally done playing small. Time to get out there and make an impact.

MJ, I can't thank you enough for the incredible resources you’ve shared through your books, and of course this forum.

I’m in the early stages of brainstorming an idea right now for an online business. It’s nothing revolutionary, and I’m not sure how ‘Fastlane’ it is, but as of right now it seems to me like a good place to start.

The idea would be to build a website that capitalises on the skills I’ve gained through my career in finance to help educate people that struggle with their personal finances (especially people that are stuck in a cycle of consumer debt).

I would offer a free e-book as “lead capture bait” (I hate that term!) which I would send to people when they sign up to the website using their email address.

I would pack as much information and value as possible into the book to demonstrate that (a) I know what I’m talking about; and (b) I genuinely care and want to help.

Alongside this, each subscriber would receive a pre-prepared email sequence from me over the course of a couple of weeks or so which would contain even more valuable information.

The e-book and accompanying emails would not contain anything “salesy” – I just want to offer valuable content and build relationships. My primary goal is to build trust and rapport with subscribers.

Once people have been subscribed to the website for a couple of weeks, have read the free e-book and seen the emails, they would have received a lot of value and should feel comfortable with me and know that I’m there to help.

The next logical step would be to have a number of digital products (such as additional e-books, an online course etc) and perhaps even some services (such as one-to-one consultations) available for purchase on the website at various price points, so that people can continue their financial education journey with me if they wish to do so.

I would also advertise relevant third party products and services for sale on my website via the use of affiliate programs (of course being very selective about anything I recommend).

Longer term, my hope would be that the level of trust and rapport I build with subscribers would result in a lot of sales and high revenue per subscriber, which would in turn enable me to create an attractive affiliate program that other people in my niche would want to sign up to, ultimately driving more traffic to my site and creating a win-win cycle for everyone involved.

As I said, this is an early stage thought process right now and I haven’t done nearly enough research yet to decide whether it’s viable, but I think it’s at least worth spending the time to figure out it's worthwhile pursuing.

Anyway, that pretty much sums up where I’m at right now. I’m excited as hell about the journey ahead, and grateful for this forum of like-minded people to share it with!
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