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NOTABLE! I emailed 40 local organisations asking what their problems and frustrations are


New Contributor
Read Millionaire Fastlane
Apr 9, 2018
Hey @Fab89,

Here are some of my thoughts.

1. Your original email is lacking. Here's why:

Subject: How can I help your organization? (Vague Subject Line)

Note: You want to use a better headline. Make it personalized.

  • For example: SuperPizza, We Can Help You...
Hello _______,

My name is Fab and I live in [my local area].
  • Don't write where you live. Instead, introduce yourself as the company.
  • Example: My name is Fab and I'm from [add company name].
I am looking to become an entrepreneur
I have a background in software development and mechanical engineering.

  • Remove this. Companies want professionals, not beginners.
I was wondering if you would be able to share any problems or frustrations [organization] has at all.
  • Remove this. Do your homework before writing to a company. Instead, present the company's problems.
Example: I see that you have a high bounce rate that's causing a decrease in revenue. My company helps create more traffic. We help optimize websites to keep bounce rates low. (Don't write this. This is just an example.) Of course, you want to keep the writing personalized. Avoid technical jargon.

I'm hoping to find a solution and sharing it with you so you can make a profit or become more efficient.
  • Avoid saying this. This statement tells the reader you have no clue what you're doing. Instead, talk about how your company can help provide solutions to their problem.
Example: Our focus is to help maintain traffic to your site. We help keep bounce rates low. We generate more traffic through referrals. Lastly, we create more long-term clients through our SEO techniques. We can help achieve this for you. You save time and money!
(Don't say this, I'm trying to illustrate a point.)

Maybe there is a better solution with ordering stock or dealing with customers. Please share anything and I will be happy to look into it.
  • The reader may interpret this the wrong way. In their perspective, your company looks lazy. You did no homework (research). Failed to address their pain points and frustrations. You failed to provide solutions to their problems.
2. Do your homework. Here's why:

Before writing to any company, research what kind of company are they.
  • Draw up a User Persona.

  • Who: Pizza company with mobile app that guarantees fast delivery.
  • Goals: Their goal is to get subscribers to their app.
  • Frustrations: Customers use the app one time, and don't subscribe. Customers leave the app because of slow delivery time.
  • Solution: Our team at Legend Developers help generate new subscribers and avoid slow delivery times.
  • How: We offer special rewards to help get new long-term subscribers. We use special referral programs subscribers love. Lastly, our new technology helps speed up delivery time.
In summary, these are a few examples. These tips help you get an idea for your next e-mail campaign.

I would suggest reading more about cold-emails.
  • search the forum
  • search Google
  • search Amazon
a few sentences instead of hours of courses, thank you..


Bronze Contributor
Speedway Pass
May 3, 2015
Go to places where business owners or representatives may congregate and are selling stuff. Examples:

Food and wine festivals
Boat and car shows
Industry trade shows

A specific example I have is wedding shows. Around a certain time of year there are quite a lot of them in bigger cities. You will find florists, DJs, food caterers, limo services, venue services, wedding planners, etc. All sorts of businesses. Pretend your looking for a friends or family or even your own wedding and ask them about their service. Don't hint that your looking for business ideas. Ask them about their process but as a customer doing due diligence.

You can ask a florist "how long do those bouquets take to make?" Do they ever fall apart" "how do you get them to all stay together." "You must be busy, is it hard to track all of your customers and orders?" "There are so many other florists here, what do you do that I can't get anywhere else?"

You can also talk to all of the people there looking for services and ask them which booths they liked and didn't like and get insights not only into the businesses, but their target customer perspective as well.


Get To The Choppa!
Speedway Pass
Dec 31, 2015
40 is just a start of course @Fab89

Try next 40 with the advice given here and see if it's any different.

I haven't read it thoroughly but there are different stats saying that 50% won't open any mails from unknown sources, then another 20% mail address is incorrect but you won't get a bounce mail as a proof etc (stats made up but yes, people don't read mail)... Just keep going daily for a couple of days and see. Leave them time to answer. At least 2-3 days.


In it to win it
Speedway Pass
Read Millionaire Fastlane
Jul 3, 2018
From my own experience:

Sending only mail/letter without any personalization: into the trash it goes. Only if there is a very real proposal of making more money and sales that fits my business I might consider looking at it.

Call and give solution offering with free value upfront: might be much more interested, also some personal aspect

Come into my store and show me your results and value: if there is a need you will get my attention definitely, and also make a personal impact.

So, easy to see which time is better spent. Coffee and Diesel ;)

Eug .O.

New Contributor
Jun 5, 2018
I think you should first 'give' before you 'take'. Your email gives a 'take' impression


Silver Contributor
Speedway Pass
Feb 2, 2016
New York City / New Jersey
Nothing gets you in the door like helping their business before you get them to pay bringing them a paying customer.

Personally, I think the best way to learn true pain points in any market is by actually working for someone in that market. There is absolutely nothing wrong with working for someone in the market and learning the business inside out before you go on your own.


Mar 21, 2019
I think the problem OP is that your initial email may be too open ended. A question without any limits can be overwhelming, and business owners don't have a lot of time to sit down and answer e-mails (usually). So maybe start the relationship with asking if they would like to increase their efficiency, or inventory options or productivity, and then work from there. You want it to be something you are passionate about, and it may take finding out where your niche lies.


Gold Contributor
Speedway Pass
Jun 3, 2015
I'm just starting out and I have no idea what I should be doing yet. I know that I need to find a problem to solve so instead of sitting back I thought I'd send out some emails to local organisations. I asked taxis, pubs, manufacturing, garages, charities, schools, self storage and construction organisations.

Do you think it is a productive idea? Can you give me feedback on my email?

Big props to you @Fab89!

First for the action you took, you didn't know what to do, but you knew what you wanted and so you drew up a plan and followed it, awesome!

Secondly you posted what you did on here, which has provided a wealth of information for you and anyone else coming across this thread wanting to reach out to businesses and try and solve their problems.

Really good stuff, take time to read through, modify your approach, then report back.

rep ++


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