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OFF-TOPIC I’m having a rough life

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Oct 18, 2020
I’m prolly gonna be offline for a while. You all have boring problems. I’m right over here living with 2 drug addicts. My dead’s dead and my hand is broken bc I put it through glass and cut two tendons. I hate my life. It’s interesting but it’s a deep problem. Goodbye until I decide to come back. If u have anything to add go ahead and reply. I’ll get a notification

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Jun 22, 2020

you waltz in here, make one post, make a second post and explain to everyone how nobody here has it harder than you and how you're going to be offline because we all have boring problems. (Besides: This is a forum about entrepreneurship, did you read that?)

I'd make a bet that most of us have some horrible problems of one form or another at the moment. Want me to start?

- I don't live with two addicts, I live with four other addicts. While fighting my own addiction.
- My dad is dead, too. Drank himself to death, more or less. Everybody dies, sooner or later. Learn how to cope with that and do it better than I did.
- You punched through glass and cut yourself? Booooo-f'ing-hooo. Guess it was your own fault? Then own your mistake.
- My girlfriend is schizophrenic.
- My dog is currently very sick and is probably going to die.
- I can't start my business because the government doesn't process the necessary applications and hasn't done so for months.
- Can't see my friends because of shutdown.
- I have horrible migraines, currently on a daily basis.

Yes, sometimes that gets me down. And then I go to sleep and start over on another day. But actually, I'm quite happy. No, not "happy" happy. Calm and unattached. Some misery is actually a good thing if you want to live a fulfilled life. If I've learned one thing during really horrible periods of depression which drove me to try to commit suicide several times, it's that there is absolutely no point in dwelling on whatever is bothering you. Absolutely none at all. None. Zero. Nada.

And another thing you probably still have to learn is that everyone...ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE, no matter how happy they might seem or how perfect their life appears to be, is carrying their own baggage, just like you do. They probably just complain less than you do and don't have so much self-pity.
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Oct 30, 2019
Bro, going into hiding will not solve the problem... it will complicate it. A problem shared is a problem solved. Look for a trusted friend or brother and talk things over. You can also PM someone on this forum and they will be happy to help with your situation.

Life is hard.. and you just have to find a way to keep moving forward despite the hardships of life. As for problems, there will always be problems. The challenge is to keep finding solutions and solving them. Jack Ma would say, " Increase your speed of solving problems".

The more you solve problems, the wiser you become. And the wiser you become, the faster your life moves ahead. Good Luck, bro.

Phil Yu

New Contributor
Aug 25, 2020
Stay positive and keep pushing

I got dump off by my own dad right after moving to the state, almost went homeless, file my own parent divorce paper at 16. and grandma got this rough mental illness which keep causing problem til this day. the illness is not curable.

I put myself through college, got a decent professional job, bought my brand new car at 25 w/ cash. now getting my CPA before start my business.

Keep pushing. and I know people who had it worse than me.

Read up about Jonny Kim. Navy Seal, Harvard Doctor now NASA astronaut. he had a broken family too.
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