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How to Find Good Employees in Today's Time?


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Mar 5, 2019
hello fastlaner's,

Im running my own niche business for a couple years already, made great profits and worked with several people in the past.

Im in need for a new employee. The good thing is that I do not require any
advanced skills, only a good minded reliable person.
I usually don't sign contracts, its more of a freelancer type of work.

Usually I acquired my employees online and had good success so far.
Here and there were some unreliable people which dragged the business down.
Hard to understand since I always pay very well and do my best to provide
perfect instructions.

what are your tips on acquiring new reliable employees in the year of 2019?

P.S. more info on my business by PM only

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Jessie Hookie

New Contributor
Jul 31, 2019
10 Secrets to Finding Employees and Keeping Them
  • Establish a Hiring Process
  • Create a Culture People Would Leave a High Paying Job for
  • Know Where to Look for Great Talent
  • Know What Candidates Want
  • Boast about your Company
  • Find Employees that Fit
  • Start off on the Right Foot with an Efficient New Hire Process
  • Survey Employees Early and Often
  • Enhance Your Performance Review Process
  • Celebrate Your People

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