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New Contributor
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Mar 3, 2013
People need to exercise due diligence. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

Great thread. I'll be using the 8 steps you listed to improve my pitches :).

Exactly. Assuming you have a legitimate product you can use those steps to increase your sales and still sleep at night.
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Gold Contributor
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Feb 13, 2012
Great info MJ and Zen!

Considering you guys hear pitches daily, other then the obvious (great team with decent execution, cashflow and a compelling story), have you had any impressive experiences with regards to people approaching you?

For example:

I know a guy who was doing direct mail. He put dice into the envelop(to make it heavy) and stamped "important" all over it. This gave it a perceived high value.

Inside the envelope he had 1 page of bad reviews that the business received and told them to call him if they wanted to fix that.

I know my example is not a pitch in the way you guys were talking about, but it got him in the door where he just had to show his results.

P.S. I love how I had to be one of the chumps who was "already on board" ... sigh

(And guess what? Vigilante, TheTruth, and Zendophin have already stepped-up to the plate and invested with me!)

Delilah Fawkes

New Contributor
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May 6, 2013
Portland, OR

I was still thinking "Wow, buying up unpaid accounts sounds way too risky for a sure payout like that. Does MJ have a brain tumor or something?" when I got to the bottom. You got me, you sly devil, you!

I'm just glad you're not a supervillain. Things would be very bad for planet earth...
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Held for Ransom

Butt In Chair
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Speedway Pass
Apr 22, 2013
Denver, CO
Sucks being new... how did I miss this thread? Too much. Speed ++ to zen*******.


New Contributor
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Apr 28, 2013
Valley Grande, AL
WAIT!!!! WHAT???!!!

Are you trying to tell me that the money ($9 Million BIG ONES :D)
that I am supposed to get from the Nigerian Ambassador is just a scam???

Say it ain't so ...:nonod:
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MJ DeMarco

Staff member
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Jul 23, 2007
Alpine, UT
Too bad this wasn't GOLD when the Income Store scam was circulating.


New Contributor
Dec 22, 2011
Austin, TX
It helps to check your moral compass when investing too. Like I'm seriously going to try to collect on unpaid hospital debts, during a pandemic? While some people can detach themselves from the check-writing and the actual work, I like to make sure both sides of the equation clear.
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Bronze Contributor
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Speedway Pass
Nov 25, 2020
I probably wouldn't have bought it, but it's because I've learned most of these cues already lmao

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